This may be the most important thing you do for Veterans Day this year...

This may be the most important thing you do for Veterans Day this year...

Every year on the eleventh day of the eleventh month, Americans nationwide commemorate and thank all who have served, or are currently serving in our military.

But for one particular group of veterans, this may be the very last chance to thank them, and to give them a sense of closure for what they did at such a very young age.

There is no official roster of how many survivors of the attack on Pearl Harbor are alive today, but the number is very small — perhaps less than 100. They are all in their late 90’s.

Time is literally running out for these brave warriors.

Which is why this year, Nine Line has partnered with the Best Defense Foundation to help bring a group of Pearl Harbor veterans back to the site of their battlefield in Hawaii on the 80th anniversary of the attack.

All the proceeds from our special Pearl Harbor design will help fund this journey. Helping us honor these World War II veterans may be the most important thing you can do this Veterans Day, and you may never have the chance again. 

Founded by retired NFL linebacker Donnie Edwards, the mission of the Best Defense Foundation is to honor and celebrate our veterans from past conflicts, including, WWII, Korea, Vietnam and those who have recently retired.

To date, the Foundation has taken over 100 WWII veterans on battlefield return programs to remember their fallen comrades and gain closure of a time in their life that had an impact on the world.


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