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American Strong


As Americans, we know that we can deal with anything thrown our way and that we have each others' backs when things go wrong. We are learning that we are able to put our differences aside when it matters most and come together in unity as a nation in times of trouble and distress. Nothing can keep us down, nothing can keep us out, we will always rise from the ashes and be stronger for it.

With all of the recent catastrophes, tragedies, natural disasters, protests, and terroristic threats that have plagued our country, we now more than ever, as Americans, need to come together and unite so that we can all pull through these hard times as one nation. We will rise and come out of this stronger than ever but only if we band and stand together as 50 United States of America!

We have learned throughout our American history that united we stand and divided we fall. Let's choose to UNITE and we will brave the storm together because as a united country, we can conquer any problem that we set our minds to! America is a proud, strong and powerful nation!

We are Americans. We are United. We are American Strong!

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