AHC - Fields of War

Starts to Ship November 27th

In honor of Veterans Day 2017, Nine Line Apparel is excited to release Fields of War - our collaborative Duty, Honor, Courage partnership design with the American Heroes Channel. We are thrilled to continue this relationship with the American Heroes Channel in celebration of their annual Duty, Honor, Courage on-air event beginning this year on Thursday, November 9.

What began one year ago has blossomed into this collaborative partnership of mutual support and awareness for our nation’s military and veterans. This year's design Fields of War portrays the true American spirit and heroism of our military and our veterans as they risk everything on the battlefield for country, for brotherhood, for freedom.

The remarkable will and drive to never give up or surrender is at the essence of our U.S. Armed Forces. Duty to country, honor to brotherhood and courage on the battlefield is what these American heroes are made of. These men and women in our military, both past and present, are symbols to Americans everywhere of hope, perseverance and valor.

Heroes are not born, they are made. In the fields of war, heroes arise and heroes fall fighting for what they believe in. We believe in remembering these heroes each and every day for their duty, honor and courage.

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