America AL

Starts to Ship January 12th

Since 1776, our American flag has flown HIGH and PROUD over our American soil. It has withstood the test of time, over which it has seen the course of American history develop and evolve under it. Many brave, proud, loyal and determined American Patriots have FOUGHT and DIED for this flag over the last 241 years. They FOUGHT and FELL admirably in battle so that THIS FLAG could continue to STAND TALL as a symbol of American HOPE, UNITY and PERSEVERANCE.

We will NEVER FORGET the American Patriots of the past and present who preserved America's freedom by FIGHTING, BLEEDING and DYING for this flag. We are the America of TODAY because of the PATRIOTS of YESTERDAY. Our flag does not fly because the wind flies with the LAST, dying breath of the Patriots who risked everything for it, protecting it since 1776!

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