Homeland AMPP Mask Bundle [ON SALE]
Homeland AMPP Mask Bundle [ON SALE]

Homeland AMPP Mask Bundle [ON SALE]


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MASKS FOR HEROES - For every mask purchased, Nine Line will donate a mask to a frontline worker in need. Help us donate 1,000 masks! Learn More Here

This bundle comes with a 10 pack of filtration

The Homeland AMPP (American Made Personal Protective) Mask is a patent-pending, American Made injection molded product developed in response to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. It is designed as a reusable mask that comes with a 10pk of replacement filters (learn more about the filters HERE). We are in the process of applying for Expedited FDA approval on this mask but until we receive authorization from the FDA, we cannot publish independent testing nor can we make any claims to its effectiveness against COVID-19 or any other pathogen. This product is not cleared by FDA.

Mask Materials:

  • Face mask: Thermo Plastic Elastomer
  • Filter Cage: Polypropylene
  • Head strap: Thermo Plastic Elastomer
  • Description: Injection Molded Mask Version 1

Filter Materials:

  • Back Layer: PP nonwoven
  • Front Layer: PTFE Membrane
  • Purchase additional filtration material HERE

Filter Size:

  • Width: 2.87 in.
  • Height: 3.27 in.

Please visit www.ninelinemask.com to learn more about our research and analysis regarding an over dependence of foreign manufacturing. We hope to bring the production of PPE like this mask back to the United States of America now and forever.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Rich C
AAMP PPE to defeat Wuhan flu

I bought this mask for entry into high threat environments. Like Costco, Safeway and Kaiser. For an old guy like myself I’ll say that I t’s very comfortable to wear and doesn’t create any fogging issues with my glasses. Every mask I wear blows right by.
Plus it’s a very cool design. As a designer of scientific instrumentation I appreciate the skillful design and ergonomics of this mask. It has everything it needs and nothing extra. The filter material is a winner. Half of California is currently on fire around me and I can’t smell any of it through the mask. Just buy one, OK.
Not paid for this review, I just believe in the product and the mission.

Great fit, great function

If you have to be out, this is the mask to be out in. The fit is snug and comfortable while sealing exceptionally well.

Clever design

Fits perfectly, seals around the face and I appreciate it allows wearing glasses without fogging and keeps them from sliding down the nose. I love it has no contact with the lips and one can talk and breath unrestricted. I suggest you illustrate how to remove the filter, not only how to install, and how to remove the filter retaining piece (the one with tabs) without breaking anything. It would be helpful to suggest the best way to do it.

Terry Allen
Good job 9 line

I love this mask. It fits very well and I feel secure while working in a hospital setting. More people walk in and say " I want that mask". Lots of great word of mouth advertising here.

Great mask

Got to say this is probably more comfortable than most. It's a very well made mask . Probably will add a layer of black fabric to the outside to look a little better. Being a diabetic and working for a school I need the protection,better to be safe than sorry. Thanks.