Kydex Wallet
Kydex Wallet
Kydex Wallet

Kydex Wallet


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New and improved made in USA Kydex RFID wallet. Handmade here in the states, this minimalist wallet is practical and slick in design, built to last and is fully capable of holding numerous cards. It even comes with an attached titanium money clip. This durable clip has a branded and laser engraved Drop Line on it.

Designed to keep your security and identity safe, the Kydex and RFID feature make this wallet one-of-a-kind. So gear up now with this new wallet - ready to handle any environment situation.


  • Handmade in America out of Kydex and RFID blocking materials
  • Stonewashed titanium money clip
  • Holds numerous cards
  • Laser engraved Drop Line

Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories - Veteran Owned and Operated.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Connor Demers
Outstanding wallet!

Very impressed with the compact minimalistic design, holds cards nicely. Money clip is very durable as well. Great purchase from one of the best companies.

Sturdy as heck, super easy card access

This handy wallet is built to last, very solid. If you've never seen this kind of wallet, you might find it handy to look up a video that explains how to use a Kydex wallet. Don't try prying it open like a foldout wallet.

You insert your cards into the corner opening, and to retrieve any card, you just thumb across the opening at the corner over each top exposed card to fan the cards until you get to the one you want.

The wallet is supposed to be RFID blocking. They don't say to, but I put the card chip first, not towards the open corner. I couldn't tell you if that matters.

I don't use the money clip, but if you do, it is solid and has a very tight grip (the clip can slide off). Keep the little card that comes with the wallet and put your bills on top, they'll be less likely to shift around.

The wallet holds about 10 to 12 cards.