Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi
Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi

Mens T-Shirt - Benghazi


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About The Design:

Following the removal of Muammar Gaddafi from power, the country of Libya was left in a largely ungoverned state, with militant and radical Islamic groups rising in power, as the fledgling government struggled to find its footing. Benghazi had been a major hub during the Libyan revolution and acted as home base for the CIA operatives in that area. The existence of the facility, and its personnel, was classified until after the events of that fateful night.

On the evening of September 11, 2012, the attack began at the US State Department compound. The CIA base (the "Annex") was one mile down the road, and the sound of gunfire and explosions echoed throughout the city. Six security officers, ex-military and security contractors at the base, geared up and prepared for action. They were: Mark Geist (former Marine), Kris "Tanto" Paronto (former Army Ranger), Sergeant John "Tig" Tiegen (former Marine), Tyrone Woods (former SEAL), and two other operatives (a former Marine and former SEAL), whose true identities remain confidential. Fully armed and vehicles loaded, they were told to stand down, to let the Libyans guarding the compound handle the situation. As the security team waited impatiently, distress calls came from the burning compound, and they decided that they weren't going to wait any longer, orders be damned.

The six man team set out in armored vehicles towards the compound, making the last leg of the one mile journey on foot. When they arrived, Ambassador Chris Stevens was missing, and officer Sean Smith was dead. Before the team could retreat back to the Annex with the surviving State Department staff, a firefight broke out at the compound. The team fought back, protecting the personnel until they were able to load into the armored vehicles and return to the Annex.

Shortly after reaching their base, however, it, too, was under attack. The firefight waged through the night, and amidst the mortar fire, security operatives Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty lost their lives. Doherty was the only support that came for the security team that fateful night, flying in from Tripoli when the distress calls were sent. No other air or ground support was dispatched, and the men were left on their own to defend the staff, until they were all finally able to evacuate the facility and reach the airport.

While the security team fought for their lives and lives of the personnel, elsewhere in Benghazi, Ambassador Christopher Stevens was horrifically tortured and killed.

This shirt is for those who lost their lives that fateful night. It is for those men who stood their ground, and refused to stand by while their fellow Americans were being attacked and killed. This shirt is for Christopher Stevens, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Glen Doherty.

Nine Line is proud to support the Glen Doherty Memorial Foundation, and have donated over $20,000 from the sale of the Benghazi design.

Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories - Veteran Owned and Operated.

Customer Reviews

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The shirt is great and the message is even greater!
We will never forget!

top notch every time

As a veteran, I respect what this company does with it's donations and causes. With that said these shirts are all bad ass. Quality is top, size and fit are on spot.
The amount of comments/looks you get are a great tribute to the pride of this great country.
Being a fit ex military guy, I wore this shirt into my local 🌟 bucks and it was like an old West Town scene. Hushed tones, odd stares, people politely moving out of the way, some tears and fears. The best reaction was a few liberal heads exploding, almost like a madusa effect.
All kidding aside, keep up the good work and message Nine Line.
Ranger on.......

Exceptional! T-shirt and company,

Out of the bag perfection.
Delivered very quickly (wasn't expecting it yet). T-shirt quality and color were excellent, and fit so well. Exceeding my expectations in all categories. Not only would I recommend it, or 'say' I would buy it again, but...I already did!
The Benghazi shirt design has been very well thought out. The simple design gives honor to those unfortunate enough to be there. While respectfully paying a humble tribute to those that did not survive the horrific attack...
I have been getting a constant flow of compliments on the T-shirt. Very surprised at all the positive attention the Benghazi shirt(s) receive. Deservedly so, but the volume of comments still suprises me.
Nine Line has impressed me so deeply with there products, customer service, and mission that I am definitely a customer for life! 5 stars 'cuz I can't give 6.

Worn proudly

I felt it was only appropriate to have this shirt beings I attended high school with Tyrone Woods I was a senior when he was a sophomore. Amazing kid I knew he would be a special person in this world. This is me with his Dad who had flown over September 11 this year to see Tyrone’ Memorial in Oregon City.

One of the best companies out there

Nineline is perhaps my favorite company from which to buy my t-shirts. I know I'll receive a quality item that is 100% cotton, that holds up well to multiple washings and looks smart. Too many companies today seem to use inferior quality shirts that are not all cotton, which means your body can't breathe the way it should and/or after several washings you'll see that the other shirts will start to pill. You end up with little bead like areas of threads that have pulled and rolled into little balls, and they are quite uncomfortable. Not with Nineline shirts. Several of mine are 3 years or older and still feel like the day I got them.

This order was one that proves Nineline is a great company and cares about their customers. I own quite a few of their shirts and hoodies, about 20 all together, and it is rare that a shirt arrives with an issue. However this was one of those times. As soon as I pulled it from the package I could see right away that the design was off center. Not a lot, but enough that it was noticeable. I contacted them to let them know of my delimna and quickly received the "we will be in touch in 24-48 hours." Once they contacted me it was very quick and both Kathlene and Nicole went out of their way to make sure I was satisfied. They could have easily said "sorry, it's a limited print the best we can do is refund your money." Instead Kathlene had me send her some pictures of the shirt and then let me know that she was having another shirt printed for me. She did say that it might take several days until it was done but once it was shipped I would receive a tracking number. From the time they contacted me until the day I received the shirt was less then a week. I couldn't ask for better response to my situation.

It is service like this that will keep me a Nineline customer for a long time coming.