Cartel Definition

Starts to Ship January 2nd

The Conservative Cartel was born when two of the best talk show hosts in the country decided to team up and vent their frustrations about the current state of this country and its leaders. Matt Locke and Rocci Stucci feel the left is out for themselves and the right has sold us out. Our leadership has let down the American people, and the people need to know.

Since then, Matt and Rocci have appeared on each other’s shows many times and together make one of the strongest teams on radio.

Tune in to hear two of the nation’s hottest conservative talk show hosts, Matt Locke and Rocci Stucci, as they sit down and fire up their microphones for an off the cuff, no notes, no script breakdown of everything that is relevant. Sometimes it is serious, sometimes they lose their cool, and sometimes it’s down right funny, but no matter what it is informed discussion by two patriots!

You can find The Conservative Cartel LIVE on Facebook and YouTube on Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights for the weekday edition; and LIVE on TheBlaze Radio Network every Saturday morning at 9am ET for the weekend edition of The Conservative Cartel.

Nine Line is a proud sponsor of The Conservative Cartel.

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