Cody Harter

Cody Harter


    Starts to Ship September 21st

    Senior Airmen Cody Harter served as a C-130 Loadmaster with the 180th Airlift Squadron, Missouri Air National Guard, located in St. Joseph, Missouri.  At only 23 years of age, he was a combat veteran to Operation Enduring Freedom and Iraqi Freedom. Cody also spent several weeks in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean Islands flying relief missions after hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Maria. Cody loved his job, as it gave him the opportunity to serve others on a global scale.

     Cody was a well-known young man who devoted his life to others. He went out of his way to put a smile on the most distant strangers face just because it made him happy. He was a jokester, a curious George with no fear, and a heart of gold. On a trip to work one snowy winter day, Cody pulled over and helped an elderly lady shovel snow, as that was just what Cody does.

     He was an engineering student at Missouri Western State University and working his way through college at his own lawn service business. When Cody was not flying or studying, he was ripping up the track in the local motocross circuit. And if that was not an option, he was expressing his passion for music as a talented drummer and guitarist.

     Through no fault of his own, the life of Cody Harter was tragically cut short on 05 May 2018, due to a senseless act of road rage. Up until his final moments, he was living the life that he was made for; helping others. In celebration of his life, the logo on the back of this shirt was designed as a symbol of Cody and his passion for riding, music, aviation, and making others laugh. He was an avid competitor in the motocross circuit and his race number is 47, as represented by the dirt bike tire. The drumsticks stand as a symbol of his talent as a drummer and love for music of all kinds. The propellers serve as a symbol for his service to his country, for which he so dearly loved.  And finally, the snowflake; the nickname for which Cody was given from his squadron mates because of the blondeness of his hair, the pureness of his heart,  and his humorous personality. 

     Cody’s family, friends, and fellow brothers and sisters in arms have teamed up with NineLine Apparel to honor him with the shirt you see here. His family has established a scholarship in his honor to help future students reach their academic achievements by reducing the financial burden of college expenses. The proceeds from each purchase of this shirt or hoodie will go directly to The Cody Harter Memorial Scholarship.

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