Vinyl Decal - The Pledge

Vinyl Decal - The Pledge


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The Pledge of Allegiance on a decal. Easy to apply and patriotic. We stand by the Anthem in our everyday actions, in reverence to our Flag.

These car accessory window stickers are durable and weather resistant. Grab one today and give your favorite vehicle a new look. Vinyl material, which makes it easy to remove without damage to surfaces.

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Customer Reviews

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Jordyn K.
Very Proud

I am very happy and very proud of my decal ♥️ Now to find the perfect 1776 decal to go with it and my mom-mobile is complete 😍

Not hard putting on

And I'm a woman, Sam for short. Easier to put on then I thought. And coming from a family that's mostly military b4 there was an America, I wanted this to put on my SUV. Glad I did, proud of it, looks nice.

Not that hard putting up

Just got my SUV washed & waxed so it was time to put up the decal. I really like it, looks nice. Lot easy to put up then I thought.

Pledge of allegiance

I love this decal and proudly display this wherever I go
When at shows I often ask people if they have seen the flag on the back of my car and tell them that’s the one of the best parts of the car.
Thanks for making these.


While I like what the decal says it was kind of a pain to put on. I did everything the video said to do but it just didn't want to come off the paper and took about 30-45 minutes to put on. Even though it was a pain I'm still glad I got it.