Combat Medic

Starts to Ship November 22nd

Combat Medics are specially trained military personnel whose job it is to save as many lives as possible in any type of battlefield situation. Equipped with the knowledge, gear and courage to save and rescue the sick, ill or injured soldier on the frontlines, these heroes dodge their way through a barrage of enemy fire to get to those soldiers in need of help. Providing first aid and trauma care in the most risky, treacherous and dire of circumstances, these brave men and women come when called or needed with quickness and a sense of urgency, as every passing second becomes a matter of life or death on the battlefield.

Enough cannot be said of these military servicemembers who consistently have put service to fellow soldiers before safety to oneself. The Combat Medic's mission is to preserve life and throughout our American military and war history, these medical professionals have done that on an unfathomable and unprecedented scale. Thanks to their military service to others, many of our American heroes were able to survive the harsh conditions of battle and war and make it home to their families, friends and country.

Never fear, the Combat Medics are here to save you! They will never stop at doing what they do best - rescuing their brothers and sisters in arms when all hope may seem to be lost. To them, we owe our gratitude, our appreciation and our lives.

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