Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket
Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket
Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket
Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket
Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket
Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket

Hooded Twill Concealed Carry Jacket


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Check out Nine Lines newest addition to our Concealed Carry collection: The Berne Concealed Carry Jacket! This jacket has ambidextrous concealed carry capacity, with multiple pockets for extra ammo, wallet, cell phone, and more. The unique Adder System pockets on the fronts of the jackets provide full-size handgun access at a moment's notice, and the Velcro and MOLLE webbing inside the concealment pockets provide security and safety when storing your concealed weapon. The durable canvas exterior is perfect for all working and weather conditions, and the flannel interior is warm and extra soft. The attached hood provides additional comfort and protection from the elements.

Stay comfortable, warm, and armed, with the new Berne Jacket from Nine Line Apparel.

Size Chest Size
S 36" - 38"
M 40" - 42”
L 44" - 46"
XL 48" - 50"
2XL 52" - 54"
3XL 56" - 58"

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Great Jacket

Got this for a Christmas present. Great jacket couldn't wait for it to get cold enough to wear it conceals great can't tell at all


Pictures don't do this jacket justice. This jacket is absolutely beautiful. From the quality stitching to the intricate embroidered flag. Visually perfect.

I've lost a quite a bit of weight over the past year and working outdoors in southern Az, I get cold pretty easily during our short winters. This jacket is warm. Needed a sweatshirt under it when temps dipped below freezing. But I'm accustomed to 110 degree heat. Even the hood keeps your head warm.

As for conceal ability, this jacket will hide anything from a 5" 1911 .45 all the way down to my XDe 3.3" 9mm. No one knows you're carrying.


I’ve been looking for a coat like this forever. This is perfect for warmth and plenty of room while still being an ideal C & C coat. I’m very pleased with this purchase.

Durability Versatility

Ret from PD, Severely injured on the line & disabled. A jacket like this gives me the fastest access to my Firearm then anything out there for a person with my limited movement. In my chair or driving. It’s there on cold days. Jacket is built like a Mack truck. Durable, clean hard stitching.
Thank you Berne & Nine Line. You Provided a product that suits my needs. As well as any LA citizen who carry’s. Warm jacket and I can’t thank you all enough.

Carhart Quality

Currently stationed here in Alaska and I have owned this jacket for almost 18 months. Extremely good quality, warm, and stylish.

The conceal carry pockets are very well hidden too, and don’t draw any attention to the profile of my full size .45 that I carry in it. Well worth the purchase, and would buy another one in a heartbeat