DD Manufacturing Freedom V2

Starts to Ship December 14th

Yep, Nine Line Apparel and Daniel Defense are at it again with Manufacturing Freedom! This design represents what being a proud American is all about: freedom, firearms, entrepreneurial spirit, drive and patriotism! Daniel Defense has your firearms, accessories and gear and Nine Line Apparel has your Daniel Defense themed designs: warrior "Spartan", "Old Glory" and now "Manufacturing Freedom"!

DD is the way to be - awesome firearms with a shot of American freedom! What more could you ask for?! Daniel Defense has been manufacturing freedom for many years in Black Creek, Georgia. They proudly support and defend the 2nd Amendment. They keep YOU, America's proud gun owners, in mind, all the time! So, whether you're a firearms enthusiast or just a die hard American patriot, Daniel Defense and Nine Line Apparel got your six!

50 stars, 13 stripes, 2 great companies working together to bring you 1 awesome design!

Manufacture this: FREEDOM, BABY!!!

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