Divided We Fall

    Starts to Ship June 18th

    Divided we fall, if we don't unite and stand as a country on all matters that strengthen us as a nation. Our freedoms were won as a united country and will be forever secure as a united country. With so much currently happening in our nation, from military conflicts with foreign nations, to politics and debates among our American citizens, to disasters that shock our homes, we now more than ever need to remember that we are more powerful as a free country when we come together to solve our problems and concerns, not divide over them.

    Yet, there is still a seemingly visible divide on some of these matters that Americans are currently dealing with here at home and abroad on foreign soil. Addressing these concerns of ours is legitimate and a part of our freedom of speech and the right to have our voices heard by everyone. We also need to always remember what makes us proud to be Americans. Keeping the fire burning strong that is our relentless sense of patriotism and national pride is of utmost importance to guarantee the continued growth and expansion of our amazing country, not only for ourselves but for our children.

    Division is separation and unity is togetherness. Strength in numbers is always more beneficial than standing alone. If we are to further our success as a country, we need to set our differences aside. We are Americans, we are family and although we are a nation of diversity, we are more importantly a nation of one. Together, nothing can stop us because we are invincible.

    Divided we fall - choose instead to stand and unite!

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