Eidson's Army

Starts to Ships May 30th

17 South Rod and Gun Club and Nine Line Apparel have teamed up to bring you an amazing fundraising design that shows our support for a young nine year old boy named Eidson and the strength and courage that he and his family possess. Eidson has a rare blood disease called Neutropenia which can take many forms, but is the result of an abnormally low count of a type of white blood cell called Neutrophils. These white blood cells are important to fighting off infections to the body. Due to this condition, Eidson has an increased vulnerability to infection causing everyday "behind the scenes" struggles for both him and his family.

Although not cancerous, he is at great risk for cancer. To get an idea of the hardships that Eidson goes through, he has taken Neupogen injections (a man-made form of a protein that stimulates the growth of white blood cells in the body used to treat neutropenia) every other day for the past eight years. These Neupogen injections are allowing kids with this disease to live longer but many develop some form of cancer by age 15. There is a possibility that the Neupogen injections themselves are causing these cancers but it is still uncertain.

Even while on Neupogen shots to keep him healthy, Eidson underwent 14 surgical procedures by age 7. He still battles chronic and debilitating ear infections, equilibrium problems and does not get to participate in any water activities. This truly is a testament to his courage, perseverance and character as a pretty tough kid.

Eidson is a brave young boy who doesn't let his daily struggles keep him from enjoying the life that a young boy should - going to school, playing baseball or riding bikes with his family and so on. He is full of laughter and joy and his family credits the amazing doctors, medicine, and the tremendous support and teamwork from the community and schools for him being able to carry on with living his life to the fullest. Through his struggles comes strength in oneself, family and friends. With such an outpouring of support from every direction, we were more than gracious to lend a helping hand to get Eidson's message out there - that anything is possible with an army of amazing people and supporters backing you every step of the way.

With these struggles comes the chance to overcome them and the ability to take on a new and appreciative positive look on life. Eidson cherishes and lives his life to the fullest and will never let his condition keep him down and out. His family considers themselves a "neutropenic family", always working together in hopes that Eidson would never feel alone with this disease. They know that having strength in numbers and the will and drive to never quit will help them fight through this. Together, along with his relatives, friends, classmates and teachers, they all have become a part of the evolution that is "Eidson's Army" - his own team of superheroes that are and forever and always will be by his side through thick and thin. They are all Eidson Strong!

In June, Eidson will be having a bone marrow transplant, which is a cure, but does not come without serious risks. This bone marrow transplant was not even an option for him just a few short years ago. Now that this option is available for him, Eidson's family is taking this opportunity to give him a true quality of life and cure his Neutropenia. The tremendous support from Eidson's schoolmates and faculty, Savannah Quarters, 17 South Rod and Gun Club, the entire Richmond Hill, Georgia community, and now us here at Nine Line..."feels like an army", as quoted by Eidson's parents.

Through the sale of this amazing limited time fundraising design, now YOU too can help support Eidson and spread awareness for this rare blood disease, Neutropenia.

Proceeds from the sale of this design will directly benefit Eidson and his family as they prepare for his upcoming medical procedure. Nine Line wishes all the best to him and his family and we couldn't be more proud to step up and do our part. Join the ranks of "Eidson's Army" today with this design, because with strength in numbers, ANYTHING is possible!

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