Heart Grenade

Starts to Ship February 1st

February 14th is right around the corner and we all know what that means. Yep, it's almost Valentine's Day, the one day out of the year to show your significant other how romantic you can really be with flowers, chocolates, teddy bears and blah blah blah. Are you tired of the typical Valentine's Day decor and cliche lovey-dovey gifts that you can find anywhere? Well, we are. In fact, we decided to go a different route this Valentine's Day and offer you a special gift that will not only surprise your other half, but get you brownie points as well for bringing a smile to their face!

Who says that Valentine's Day has to stick to the basics? We don't do basic at Nine Line. Nope, we push the envelope because it's what we're good at and what we love to do! So, with that in mind, how about you show how 'explosive' your love is for your significant other this year with a BADA$$ 'heart grenade' instead of a box of boring candy or soon-to-be wilted flowers? Give him or her your heart WITH a grenade attached to it! We guarantee this design will last much longer than chocolate covered strawberries or a dozen roses!

This Valentine's Day, don't be dull and boring, be explosive and exciting! On February 14th, give them the gift of an awesome and unique apparel design to warm their hearts - with a grenade stuck to it!

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