Into the Storm

Starts to Ship December 29th

"You have to go out, but you don't have to come back"... "So others may live"...Since its inception, the U.S. Coast Guard steadfastly has held true to this ethos of heading into the storm to save those in peril. The brave men and women of the USCG are proud members of our U.S. military and are ever vigilant and ever loyal to their mission: Search and Rescue!

This USCG design captures the essence of the search and rescue mentality of the pilots and crews aboard the USCG twin-engine MH-65D Dolphin helicopter. An icon of Coast Guard Aviation, its silhouette has graced the skies over New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, above Houston in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, and in countless other disasters. The MH-65D is just as comfortable in the open ocean, with the ability to operate up to 150 miles offshore and fly comfortably at 120 knots for three hours. These helicopters allow our Coast Guard to reach any vessel and crew in need of help on the high seas.

In addition to Search and Rescue missions, USCG aircrews provide airborne enforcement platforms for critical missions such as maritime drug interdiction, security of our nations busiest ports, air-to-air intercepts of aircraft violating national airspace, marine environmental protection, and national defense. With the ability to deploy Coast Guard cutters, their surveillance capabilities and mission effectiveness are projected globally.

Today, the USCG motto, Semper Paratus ("Always Ready"), exemplifies the constant vigilance, selflessness, and pride of the heroic men and women of the United States Coast Guard!

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