Irish Tradition

Ships March 8th

Since the first wave of Irish immigrants made their way into America in the 1800's, St. Patrick's Day has been a yearly tradition in many Irish-American populated cities such as Boston, New York City, Chicago and even right here in Savannah, Georgia. Parades march through town and parties of people line the streets with plenty of beer and cheer to go around for everyone. Green, white and orange can be seen everywhere you look as people laugh and smile and celebrate the Irish holiday. March 17th has become a day for Irish-American heritage to be remembered and honored in our great country. What better way is there to celebrate than with tasty beer, great friends and family and this exclusive Nine Line St. Patrick's Day 2018 design? Yeah, we can't think of one either!

So, make this 'Irish Tradition' your yearly St. Patrick's Day tradition, starting now!

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