Molon labe - Snake

Starts to Ship December 5th

"Come and Take It" is the translation of Molon Labe and we dare you to try! What began long ago as a battle cry amongst Spartans directed towards the Persian army when they called for the surrender of the Greeks, has now become a famous tag line amongst patriotic Americans and die hard 2nd Amendment supporters everywhere. Rallying from our own early Revolutionary War motto, "Don't Tread On Me", Molon Labe feeds into the mindset that if you fringe upon my freedoms or try to force me into submission in times of distress or war, that I will pick up arms and defend my life, my family, my property, my country and my freedom.

True American patriots have the same courageous, relentless warrior mentality that Spartans of long ago collectively shared. These patriots are not afraid to use force to fight for their beliefs and for what they cherish in this life. Molon Labe if you dare but don't count on me yielding to anyone, anytime, ever! I will battle like the Spartan 'til the end because I'd rather die on my feet as a warrior than live in servitude to the enemy on my knees! Our freedom cannot be taken from us!

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