Protecting Freedom

Starts to Ship March 7th

Protecting freedom and defending America at all costs! This is exactly what patriots have been doing since fighting for and gaining our independence as a country so long ago. Freedom comes at the cost of always having to defend it from those who wish to tread upon it. Whether foreign or domestic, early colonial patriots knew that threats to our freedom had to be dealt with accordingly if our nation was to continue to grow and thrive into the land of opportunity that we live in today. Blood, sweat, hardship, perseverance and sacrifice from brave Americans is what secured our right to live, work and prosper in this land of the free.

However, to understand freedom is to understand that it is earned, not given. Just because it has been earned doesn't mean that it is guaranteed tomorrow or the next day or the day after that. Rather it is something that must always be protected and safeguarded 24/7/365 at any and all costs. Thank a veteran or an active duty servicemember in our U.S. Armed Forces for your freedom because they are the ones picking up where the patriots of yesterday left off.

These courageous men and women of our military are the present day heroes risking their lives every day on the frontlines of battle to ensure that our freedom still rings from the liberty bell, from sea to shining sea!

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