Remember The Fallen

Starts to Ship June 6th

In honor of the upcoming Memorial Day, we at Nine Line wanted to pay our utmost respects to our fallen American heroes with the re-launch of this amazing limited time design.

"Remember the Fallen" was created in memory of our fallen warriors. Today, and every day, it is important to remember those who paid the ultimate price for our nation and our freedoms. It is a time of reverence, gratitude, and recognition, for those who will never again step foot on the free soil that they gave their lives to uphold and defend.

Honoring and remembering the memory, service and sacrifice of America's brave veterans ensures that they will never be forgotten. Although these fallen servicemembers are no longer with us, they will continue on in our hearts and minds as they move on to join their fellow fallen brothers and sisters in arms in the eternal halls of Valhalla. It is our job to thank the living and let them know that they have a support system that they can count on when they return home from overseas.

The dangers and aftermath of battle and deployment sometimes follow these warriors back home to their families and friends. The more aware we are as Americans of our active military and veterans, the better prepared we are as a country to provide a safe place for our military heroes to return to.

Remember and honor the fallen this Memorial Day and continue to thank and support the living.

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