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Sheep: Those who follow the crowd or group, lack uniqueness and the capacity for individual thought. They walk mindlessly into the unknown, without using caution. Whatever happens, happens and they go along with it. Sheep accept things for what they are, good or bad. They give in rather than let their voice be heard or fight back. Followers, timid, bystanders. Sheep let the wolves run their lives.

Sheepdog: Those who are fearless, unique, stand for justice and have individuality. They are their own person, not inclined to follow the crowd or group but instead lead the way. They set positive examples, have morals and speak up and fight back when things go awry. Fighters, leaders, not bystanders. Sheepdogs represent good and fight the evil that is the wolves.

Wolves: Those who are corrupt, immoral, dishonorable and need to be stopped. They are greedy, selfish and out for their own initiatives instead of considering what the greater good is for everyone. They may want to cause harm or strike fear into the timid Sheep. Wolves may scare the Sheep but they cannot strike fear into or stop the brave Sheepdog!

Sheep fear the sheepdog because they have seen his teeth when fighting wolves! Be brave, not timid, stand for all that is good and moral and fight corruptness and evil, don't let it run your life!

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