Starts to Ship December 14th

'Tis the season for happiness, joy and in any cold weather region, snow and lots of it. We have all heard how each snowflake is unique and different and much like this saying, every design that we create at Nine Line Apparel is completely unique and original. Take for instance this really cool snowflake design released just in time for the holidays. Look closely though because like any snowflake, there is more to this snowflake design than meets the eye.

Do you see it? Embedded within this snowflake is a completely symmetrical arrangement of rifles and pistols. Pretty damn cool, huh? Who knew that such a holiday themed design could also incorporate a hint of 2nd Amendment, making this design not just for the holiday season themed shopaholics out there but also for anyone and everyone who just loves the awesome firepower and slick architectural design of rifles and pistols.

So, if you find yourself in frigid, chilly or snowy weather this fall and winter season, remember that you can easily go from being COLD to COOL (not to mention warm and comfy) with this unique and one-of-a-kind snowflake 2nd Amendment design from Nine Line Apparel!

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