Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel
Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel
Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel
Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel
Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel
Nine Line EDC Watches - Nine Line Apparel

Nine Line EDC Watches


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Nine Line is proud to partner with our friends at Rockwell Watches introducing the only watch you will ever need, the Coliseum from Rockwell Time. EDC – Everyday Carry Watch; Perfect for action sports, fitness training, and out in the field. Available in an array of colors and patterns, Nine Line has you covered with a watch you can wear every day for style and functionality.

Designed for durability and comfort with a unique Coliseum stadium-style double bezel to protect the face from dings and scratches. Having the feature of Rockwell Fit Technology ™ adds practicality such as track calories burned and steps. ONLY available through our website. 

The Nine Line EDC watches from Rockwell Time are durable multi-function digital timepieces featuring:

  • Dual-time zone and Countdown Timer
  • Chronograph (with 50-lap memory) – useful for trail running 
  • Rugged construction that's made to last!
  • 8 alarms; 100 meter water resistance 
  • Live step-counter/activity tracker with calories burned counter

Follow the link to find the full Coliseum watch digital users manual: https://rockwelltime.com/pages/coliseum-rockwell-fit-manual-2

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Craig Kurtz
Wrong watch

The watch I order was not the one I got for some reason the company sent the wrong watches to nineline . And when I talked to Christine she did everything she could to find me one, but there’s no more with the people that made the watch and realize it was a mess up. Customer service was wonderful always is so as of right now I have the watch. I don’t know if I’m gonna keep it or send it back the difference between watches no American flag on them the logo on the watch is the drop line not the American flag so the company that makes the watch screwed up. Other than that Christine was really great and she even called the store to see if they had one there but they got the same kind of watches send to them too , so the watch I Purchased I guess is no longer going to be again. I told Christine I would email her if I side to return it itwouldn’t be so bad if the watch had one drop line and one American flag but to drop lines, it doesn’t really look good , the reason why I shop Nine Line I retired from united, states Marine Corps and I support all veteran companies Black rifle coffee and others. I know this review is not what you’re looking for but it’s really hard to explain what to write other thencustomer service is wonderful. Thank you very much Craig Kurtz.

Michael Gebhard
Nice watch

Its a nice watch, considering I haven't had one in years. I ordered the camo one, and after several days they called to say it was out of stock. You'd think it would have said "out of stock" when I tried to order it. The instructions are ridiculous. I'd gladly pay and extra couple bucks for writing instructions (that are easy to understand) be included with the watch. Not everyone can decipher the 7 pages of "instructions" found online. Not everyone has access to U Tube; while I do...sitting and trying to comprehend a video didn't work for me. The "steps function" is way off. Im not sure if u have to calibrate it or what...but literally walked 50 steps and maybe 10 were registered. The steps would be nice to use...since Im on my feet literally all day. But it does keep the time/date and thats what watched are supposed to do.

I'm Glad I Bought It

Almost got the smaller version direct from Rockwell but I really wanted to support NineLine after watching Tyler Merritt on Tim Pool. The watch is surprisingly light for its size and it isn't overpowering on a woman's wrist. Yes, the YouTube video helps and there's also a 7 page manual for clarification that at first looks like hieroglyphics but eventually makes sense. Using the buttons left handed with the watch on the right hand isn't weird unlike some other brands I've tried. I really like wearing it even though the only combat zone I'll face is the NYC subway.


Does everything you need in a watch. Definitely watch Rockwell Coliseum video. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Awesome watch

Gotta say, I was already a fan of Rockwell, and when partnered w NLA I just had to get one. Super easy to navigate and set up (have to go online to Rockwell site, super informative video walks you thru everything) and loaded w cool features. I work outside most days and really love the step counter on an actual rugged watch. Thanks again