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They patrol the streets, day and night, vigilantly protecting the innocent from harm. Their "End of Watch" ends when they say it ends. Until the bad guys take a break from breaking the law, our heroes of the Thin Blue Line will continue to take them down. Commit the crime and do the time. These brave men and women wearing a badge in uniform are damn good at what they do and are proud as hell to do it.

This job is not for the faint of heart or the weary. Police officers deal with the worst of society and constantly put themselves in danger's way. They sometimes find themselves staring down the gaze of Death to which they courageously respond, "Freeze! Put your hands up!", ready to act in an instant if challenged. Face Everything And Rise (FEAR) - it's all about overcoming obstacles for the Thin Blue Line and striking fear into the criminals, not being in fear of them.

Loyalty to the Brotherhood of Police Officers keeps them strong, determined and proud to serve and protect. Representing the good of mankind, members of America's Thin Blue Line serve justice to the wicked, the bad and the evil - on a daily basis. They mean business and are here to enforce the law. Choose to break it, and you'll have nowhere to run, nowhere to hide from these defenders of justice!

Join the Police Force, join a family that you'll have for life. Thank a police officer because they are here to protect and serve America for life. Tip the scales of justice, and you could be locked away for life. Your choice!

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