The Dealer

Starts to Ship March 8th

What do the colonial Patriot, the 3 Percenter and the modern day Veteran all have in common? They are all dealers of death to the evil and the tyrannical. Each stands and fights for their freedom, their country, and their family. Sooner or later, they all deal that final card to the enemy on the battlefield - the deadly and deadly superstitious Ace of Spades! Appropriately enough, this final hand that they have dealt lands America's enemies at Death's doorstep.

The colonial Patriot fought bravely against British rule, alongside the 3 Percenter, who won their freedom by striking fear into the Red Coats to overcome and defeat them. Strength in numbers and the willingness to never surrender set the foundation for our American independence. These early American heroes became the original Death Dealers serving the deadly Ace of Spades to the enemy.

Veterans of today now carry the infamous Ace of Spades in their back pocket, time and time again having dealt it to the defeated enemy. Literally enough, veterans of such wars as Vietnam, would actually use the Ace of Spades, a.k.a. the Death Card, to strike fear into the enemy and demoralize them psychologically. The Vietnamese saw the Ace of Spades as a bad omen, unlucky and a sign of death to come. The use of this psychological warfare tactic proved effective and has carried on the tale of the Death Card to this day.

In the end though, Death himself becomes the ultimate dealer to the evil and the tyrannical as their luck finally runs out!

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