Trigger Things

Starts to Ship December 11th

Introducing the supernatural trigger experience you've been looking for. Take the look and feel of your favorite firearm trigger to a whole new world of Upside Down with Trigger Things! Be careful and enter at your own risk into this 2nd Amendment sci-fi thriller! Here lies a place between reality and the vast unknown where you can escape with your closest gun loving friends to find adventure without having to worry about running into any of those pesky liberal mouth-breathers."

Beware though, once you cross over into this realm, who knows what evil may be lurking in the shadows. So keep your trigger finger itchy and stay alert because malicious, frightening things might be hiding and waiting around the next path to ambush their prey! Aim true and fire fast, it takes Eleven rounds to conquer the terror that lives here!

A mysterious place to visit indeed. Sounds a little weird and off the wall right? Well, stranger things have happened before!

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