Nine line prides itself in hiring the most talented and excellent people to do the job that needs to be done... and that's selling the most badass t-shirts to the most badass people on the planet!

We are Patriots, we are Family, we pitch in wherever help is needed, and we strive to be the best. That what makes us, us. That's what makes us Nine Line!



Bio: I am a pilot, entrepreneur, veteran, and most importantly a father of three awesome little humans. While I am extremely proud of my other accomplishments in life, creating NLA as a value based organization, an organization that gives back to our community at large, is extremely important to me. Setting the example for putting value over profit and demonstrating to my kids you can be successful without sacrificing your integrity is what drives me to do what I do.

Name: Tyler Merritt

Title: Chief Executive Officer

Time with Company: Started it

Fun Fact: I really really like helicopters ;)

Bio: During his studies at Savannah College of Art and Design, Myles began working with the Merritt's in late 2011. Without a vehicle to call his own, Tyler would pick him up after class to collaborate and visualize Nine Line's message of being Relentlessly Patriotic. Myles's no-fail mentality has been heavily influenced by working alongside true American heroes.

Name: Myles Burke

Title: Chief Operations Officer

Time with Company: Helped Start it

Fun Fact: I hate public speaking, but Tyler makes me do it all the time.

Bio: Born and raised in south Ga, Sherry enjoys the coastal lifestyle and spending time outdoors. Favorites include walks on the beach, sunsets on the boat and of course the seafood! Sherry joined Nine Line in 2015 with plans to stay just long enough to help get them caught up… well 6 years later she now hopes to remain with Nine Line until she retires! As with all leaders at NLA, Sherry is always eager to help in any area needed.

Name: Sherry Sikes

Title: Chief Financial Officer

Time with Company:

Fun Fact: My grandkids call me “the plant lady” due to my vast collection of flowers (also a favorite hobby).

Bio:Woof woofy woof woof. Woof, woof, woof. Woofy woofy woofy woof

Name: RED

Title: Chief Doggo Officer

Time with Company:

Fun Fact: Bark bark, bark bar bark bar bar, bark bark. Bark

Bio: West Point 2001. Carnegie Mellon MBA. Pittsburgh born and raised. I used to sell coffee and sugar water. I get made fun of a lot because I like professional wrestling and I can’t swim. At one point, I think I had mercury poisoning. I've been with my wife since high school. I have a 9 year old son named Rocco. I own a 1987 Buick Grand National. 

Name: Rich Caponi

Title: Chief Revenue Officer

Time with Company: 5 years

Fun Fact: I have 280 followers on IG and didn't pay for any of them

Bio: My 35-year career has been filled with many opportunities to develop my skills as a teacher, trainer, mentor, manager and problem solver. These skills aligned me with Nine Line Apparel. I am straight-forward and direct with everyone I encounter. My perpetual mission is to positively affect anyone (who is receptive) to be the best that they can possibly be at any endeavor they embark on. 

Name: Stacey Wharton

Title: Chief Production Officer

Time with Company: 6 years

Fun Fact: I played lead guitar in a rock band in the 80's and 90's. 

Bio: I’m an Army veteran that deployed to Iraq in 2003. Since then I have worked in sales with various companies and came to Nine Line in 2016. I enjoy running, especially marathons and ultra marathons, hunting with my brother and friends. My greatest passion is helping our veteran community through the Nine Line Foundation.

I have been married to the greatest woman that has ever walked this earth for 20 years.

Name: Matt Lyda

Title: Director of Business Development

Time with Company: 6 years

Fun Fact: Vice Presidential candidate in the 2020 election in the state of Vermont

Ladies, Gentlemen, and Patriots of all ages, let us introduce you to the leaders of the most patriotic company in America! These are the people who keep everyone else in the family in check. From managing operations to financial planning, these men and women strive to create the greatest American clothing company the world has ever seen! 


Bio:I'm the Token Australian.

Name: Damon Paine

Title: Digital Marketing Manager

Time with Company: 6 years

Fun Fact: No one drinks Fosters

Bio: "Intelligent, Creative, Handsome, Fast, Strong, Courageous, Intuitive, Magnanimous, Occasionally gregarious, Never Superfluous, Wise" - My Mom 

Name: John Bohannon

Title: Director of Sales

Time with Company: 4 months

Fun Fact: A "jiffy" is an actual unit of measuring time. A "jiffy" is 1/100th of a second.

Bio: Army for 5.5 years, had a blast, 2 combat tours, snagged my husband on my first tour! Whatcha know about that "deployment Boyfriend," 14 years later still happily married (rare sh$t) with 3 kids, dog, and a white picket fence! I currently hold a Master's in Human Resources Management, yep Beauty and Brains, Alumni of Leadership Savannah, and Founder of Operation Kid Forward, "Nisha loves the kids!"

Name: Nisha Giustino

Title: Human Resources Director

Time with Company:

Fun Fact: I don't like People and I keep ending up in HR

Bio: No.. Seriously, they can't jump. Fun facts are great.

Name: Jason Norton

Title: Art Director

Time with Company: Since Oct 2014

Fun Fact: Elephants can’t jump.

Bio:Patrick Sitz is a character in the American animated television series SpongeBoy Rectangle Trousers. He is voiced by actor Bill Fagerbakke and was created and designed by marine biologist and animator Stephen Hillenburg. He first appeared in the series' pilot episode "Help Wanted" on May 1, 1999.

Name: Patrick Sitz

Title: IT Supervisor 

Time with Company: 5 Glorious Years

Fun Fact: I lived in California for over 40 years

Bio:  My entire career has been dedicated to apparel. I found my true passion while working in CA for a women's apparel designer: domestic knit apparel production.

Name: Maggie, Wharton

Title: EDI Compliance Associate

Time with Company: 5 years

Fun Fact: I danced competitively for 10 years.

Bio: I enjoy doing anything outdoors with my family. I‘ve been married for 13 years to a man that drives me crazy most days but together we've built a life we both extremely enjoy with our daughter. I also enjoy working. I love being able to use my brain and feel like the day was well spent. I love working at Nine Line because everything we do here is with a giveback mentality. Helping another human at their time of need is what life is all about. And that's what Nine Line is all about. We truly have your six.

Name: Caroline Britton

Title: Customer Service Manager

Time with Company: 5 years

Fun Fact: My great, great grandfather was Robert E. Lee. Not THE General Robert E. Lee though. Just a phenomenal guy with the same name.

Bio: My husband of 21 years retired from the U.S. Army in 2017 after serving 23 years Active Duty. During his service, we lived all over the world, from Camp Zama in Japan to Hunter Army Airfield here in Savannah, and many places in between. I have been in retail and sales leadership and management for nearly 15 years and I am so very proud to be a part of the Nine Line Apparel team. In my free time, I enjoy reading, cross stitching, video games, music festivals, and spending time with my husband, two children, and three dogs.

Name: Heather Miner

Title: Regional Retail Manager

Time with Company: Almost 2 years

Fun Fact: I collect LEGO Harry Potter sets


Name: Matt Clubine

Title: Product Development Manager

Time with Company: 7 Years

Fun Fact: No

Bio: Educated Leader with a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice and Psychology from University of SC and Graduate Certificate in Leadership and Management from Liberty University. Worked in Public Service and Non Profit realm for more than 30 years. 

Love the outdoors, meeting new people, international travel, and cruising...

Name: Regina Wages

Title: Events Supervisor

Time with Company: 10 months

Fun Fact: Love to Scuba Dive

Bio:  64 inches tall 

Magical as hell.

Name: Kaila Donaldson

Title: Social Content Manager

Time with Company: 6 years

Fun Fact: I hunt and stuff

Bio: Insightful, persuasive, reliable, organized, honest, diligent

Name: Monique Jay Spears

Title: Fulfillment Manager

Time with Company: 3 years

Fun Fact: I am a huge Kansas City Chiefs Fan

Bio:  Zachary Scalf , also known as Lord Voldemort or, alternatively as You-Know-Who, the Dark Lord, or He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named is an English half-blood wizard considered to be the most powerful and dangerous Dark Wizard of all time. He is amongst the greatest wizards to have ever lived, often considered more powerful or equal to Albus Dumbledore.

Name: Zac Scalf

Title: Content Production Manager

Time with Company: 7 years

Fun Fact: Presidential candidate in 2020 election (31 votes)

Bio: Texan born, Retired Army Ranger (former un-aliver), one lovely wife and two model ready kids. Chimichanga connoisseur. Frequent patron of Castaways Pet Rescue.   

Name: Cody Mendoza

Title: Inbound Operations Manager

Time with Company: 7 Months

Fun Fact: Jumped out of a plane without a suite

Bio: Grew up in a small town. Always down for an adventure. Sporadically breaks out in "killer" dance moves. Can usually be found singing 90's country at the top of my lugs with the windows down on long road trips. 

Name: Brian Yearwood

Title: Inventory Manager

Time with Company: Since July 2021

Fun Fact: Avid Runner

Bio: Moved to Savannah in 2011 after separating from the Air Force. Married for 13 years with two young children, one boy and one girl. I enjoy spending time with my family and neighbors as well as throwing unnecessarily elaborate parties. Working at Nine Line is so fun.... even in the accounting department!

Name: Charlene Grosse

Title: Finance Manager

Time with Company: 2.5 years - May 2019

Fun Fact: I have 2 Jack Russells

Bio: Nicole was born and raised in Chicago, IL. She went to Purdue University for Marketing & Human Resources. She loves creating spreadsheets and her label maker! She is a Army spouse and mom to one daughter who keeps her very busy with many activities. She enjoys eating snacks, binge watching Netflix and shopping on Amazon.

Name: Nicole Carney

Title: HR Generalist

Time with Company:

Fun Fact: I'm a HUGE Justin Timberlake fan and has seen him 8 times in concert

Bio: Born & raised in Germany, moved states side after high school 2008. Studied audio production and engineering which is my passion, after a couple year I slid into photography and graphic design.

I love real boom bap hiphop music.


Name: Miguel R. Mightygoodridge

Title: Photographer

Time with Company: 2016

Fun Fact: Wu Tang is FOREVER

Bio: Let's keep it simple...If you're not having fun, what's the point? 

Name: Amanda Sipos

Title: Business Development Manager

Time with Company: 4 years as an affiliate and 1 year as Matt Lyda's boss

Fun Fact: Sometimes I lose my concentration because all I think about is what I am going to eat next. 

Bio:From Customer Service to Embroidery to Production Manager, I've been with Nine Line through the Thick and Thin. I hate talking about myself so I guess i'll just leave it at that!

Name: Jordan, Amiri

Title: Production Manager

Time with Company: 7 years

Fun Fact: I'm one of the original 40 employees Nine Line had from President St.

Bio: I moved to the Low Country of Georgia from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado to work at Nine Line. I've been in the industry for 15 years.

Name: Terry Richardson

Title: 1st Shift Screen Print Manager

Time with Company: 2.5ish years

Fun Fact: Facts don't care about your feelings.

Bio: I'm 2nd shift Production manager. I first applied for stamping and came in to interview for production and got hired on. I started as a catcher and worked myself up literally. I enjoy working here probably more than most but everyday I come in with a smile knowing that today I will make someone happy and make them feel appreciated.

Name: Shakina Lee

Title:  2nd Shift Screen Print Manager

Time with Company: 4 years

Fun Fact: I cant complain life is great

Bio: I was an Army brat, I've lived in 4 different states and 2 countries. I moved to Georgia when I was 13. I enjoy sleeping, playing with my cats and going to the beach. 

Name: Taryn Aceret

Title: BB Wholesale Fulfillment Manager

Time with Company: 2 years

Fun Fact: Stitch enthusiast 

Bio: I am passionate about my work, creative, perceptive and detail oriented, easy going with people, sincere and compassionate, eager to see result and solve problems one way to another.

I guess that covers everything and if it doesn't please at something your self... LOL


Name: Rafael Redondo

Title: Digital Print Manager

Time with Company: 2+ Years 

Fun Fact: Love Anime, video games and truth.

Bio: I'm a Marine Corps veteran originally from New Jersey. I was hired on with this company when they were still in their infancy. Nine Line Apparel and the work culture here has not only helped me transition back into civilian life a lot easier, but they've helped me build a better life for my family and me.

Name: Matt Baker

Title: Screen Room Manager

Time with Company: 6.5 years

Fun Fact:

Bio: I’m a proud father and a humble believer. I live for art, family and my son. I was Born in Colombia, spent my early childhood in New York and was raised in South Florida. 

Name: Eric Chacón 

Title: Embroidery Supervisor

Time with Company: 2 years

Fun Fact: I made a short film that played at the Ft. Lauderdale International film festival!

Bio: Simple easy going

Name: Adam Wright

Title: Fulfillment Compliance Supervisor

Time with Company: 6 MONTHS

Fun Fact: Roll Tide

Bio: I'm an obsessive reader with a huge love for Stitch, blankets and crystal necklaces. I love dressing in bright colors and hate tomatoes. I can recite almost every episode of Schitts Creek.

Name: Melissa Campbell

Title: Retail Operations Manager

Time with Company: 11 months

Fun Fact: I use Christmas lights indoors all year round

Bio: Huge geek for starwars and the like. Passionate for FOSS and self-hosted services with a Big D.I.Y mentality

Name: Ivan Campos

Title: Application Programmer

Time with Company: 6 months

Fun Fact: Its easy for me to learn instruments including the violin, guitar, piano, celo, and bass

Bio: Colombian, Graduated as an industrial engineer, Came to the US to learn English and here I am 6 years later, Happily married and dog mom of two Crazy Siberian Huskies, There's always dog hair on my clothes. 

I love to dance, make crafts, nature and going paddle boarding.

Name: Lina Fritz

Title: Executive Assistant/PR

Time with Company: 2 Years

Fun Fact: I was part of my school's swimming team for 4 Years


Name: Daniel Merritt


Time with Company:

Fun Fact:

Meet our department leaders! These are the guys that plan, organize, and direct us to meet the Companies Goals! They each look over their departments with pride and determination as they lead us into proper workflow functions and work practices. Without them, we would probably just be shooting nerf guns at each other and watching cartoons. So yeah, you can say they are kind of important.  

  • ART


Bio:"Intelligent, Creative, Handsome, Fast, Strong, Courageous, Intuitive, Magnanimous, Occasionally gregarious, Never Superfluous, Wise" - My Mom

Name: John Bohannon

Time with Company:4 months

Fun Fact:A "jiffy" is an actual unit of measuring time. A "jiffy" is 1/100th of a second.

Bio: I'm Glad to be a part the Nine Line Culture!

Name: Omar Cruz

Time with Company: 10 months

Fun Fact: I love Golf!

Bio: Florida Native, who moved to the Savannah area in August 2018 and Started at Nine Line September of 2018, after working as a Retail Manager and Customer Service field for over 12+ years. Mother of 1 Daughter and Wife to a Navy Veteran.

Name: Amber Gossard

Time with Company: Since 2018

Fun Fact: I hate flowers, I think they stink.

Bio:Proud husband, father and fantasy football league commissioner. Hoping to be Nine Line Mr. Congeniality 2022. Striving to be on The Greater Savannah Area All Dad Team. First round Nine Line Apparel volunteer softball team selection. Rule 76 : Always play like a champion, no excuses. 

Name: Nate Kilburn

Time with Company: 4 years

Fun Fact: 2021 college bowl game pick'em champion.

Bio: Born and raised in SC, Hunter joined the team in 2019. He commissioned into the Army in 2015 and still serves in the Army Reserve. When not selling t-shirts, he enjoys spending time with his wife, distance running, craft beer, tequila. 

Name: Hunter McGahee

Time with Company: 3 years

Fun Fact: Super Smash Bros Melee Southeast Regional Champion 2004

Bio: Raised in Macon, Georgia, Kate found herself back in the south after living all over the country. She has two beautiful daughters. She loves tacos, White Claws, live music and new adventures. 

Name: Kate Reynolds

Time with Company: 1.5 years

Fun Fact: I have been to India 5 times.

Bio: Immediately after receiving his Bachelors in Business, Nick joined the Army in 2014 as an Infantryman. Nick served under 1st Ranger Battalion until he was medically retired from combat wounds he received in Afghanistan. During his recovery time, he went on to earn his MBA before retiring in 2020. These days, Nick enjoys lifting weights, firearms training, and hanging out with his wife and three kids.

Name: Nicholas Rhine

Time with Company: 2 years

Fun Fact: I like Guns... and Hawaiian Shirts

Bio:  Originally from Greenville South Carolina and moved to Savannah due to the military, proud Clemson Tiger and Atlanta Braves fan and lover of Asian foods and mom to two wonderful girls!  

Name: Amanda Scalf 

Time with Company: Since 2015

Fun Fact: Lover of all Asian foods 

Bio: Amanda is a Savannah native who joined the Nine Line team in the fall of 2018. She is the mother to 3 children. She enjoys woodworking, trips to the beach and tacos, lots of tacos!

Name: Amanda Tootle

Time with Company: 3 years

Fun Fact: I'm a huge Georgia Bulldawgs fan!

The Nine Line Sales Team might possibly be the most down-to-earth and friendliest lot to ever try and make you the shirt of your dreams. Staying with you throughout the whole journey, our team has got your six with the designing process from drunken pen sketch, all the way to finished concept. What can we say, they are the best. With the help of our in-house designers, our sales team can turn your dreams into a reality and make something special for your company, fundraiser, or upcoming event!


Name: Jason Norton

Time with Company: Since Oct 2014

Inspirations: Smiling Faces on Patriotic Americans

Favorite Design: 10th Mountain DIV

Name: Chris Casanova

Time with Company: 8 Years

Inspirations: The enemy's tears

Favorite Design: Give me Lib or Give me Death

Name: Gina de la Cruz

Time with Company Since Nov. 2019

Inspirations: Nature, any realistic piece of Art, Music

Favorite Design: I Stand Behind Those Who Serve

Name: Nico Guadalupe

Time with Company: TOO LONG jkjkjk

Inspirations: YOU

Favorite Design: LOKI- Even though it didn't sell well.

Name: Kat Naude

Time with Company: 6 months

Inspirations: Retro/comic style, Minimalist, Nature, CHEETOS

Favorite Design: laser plane 

Name: Sarah Nicholson

Time with Company: August will be 2 years

Inspirations: The world in general. I pull inspiration from anyone and everyone.

Favorite Design: F-14 Tomcat Schematic, Shark Schematic and Uncle Samta

Name: Chelsea Lucas

Time with Company 6 months

Inspirations: Death Metal album art

Favorite Design: Swamp Fox, Night Goons Never Say Die

Name: Jamison Wilson

Time with Company: Roughly six months?

Inspirations: Video games, music, and travel!

Favorite Design: AWG Mustang and Hoist the Black Flag!

Let us introduce you to our team of modern day master artists! Our art team is full of the best and most talented artists in America. Coming from all types of backgrounds, our artists bring a new level of perfection and technique to every graphic they design. These guys are the secret sauce to the company that make the greatest t-shirts you'll ever see!