American Flag - Wooden Sign Version 2
American Flag - Wooden Sign Version 2
American Flag - Wooden Sign Version 2
American Flag - Wooden Sign Version 2

American Flag - Wooden Sign Version 2


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Wooden American Flag


Handcrafted in Savannah, Georgia, our wooden signs were built with callused hands from our continuing desire to provide the hardest working Americans with the best patriotic products around. Made from 100% American Pine, these works of art will showcase your true patriotism in your home office, living room, or patio. Not only are these signs physically appealing but they also serve a purpose. Protect your home by using it as a gun case or entertain guests with a built in bar, the functionality is up to you! We have created this product as a tribute to this country and present it to you, our customers, as a representation of what this company stands for: good old fashioned American craftsmanship.

Key Features:

  • 100% American made
  • Hidden compartments for all your favorite accessories!

Additional Information:

Mounting hardware and door chain included, some assembly required.

Customer Reviews

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Great piece of Wall art

The pictures don't do it justice. Well crafted and looks great on the wall. Handy place to put something only others in your home need to know about.

Beautiful wooden Flag

Even though it is a Christmas present for my fianc who is deployed, I took a look at it and it is just beautiful. They have put in a lot of hard work on this piece.

love this thing

We bought version one for ourselves and when I saw version 2 I knew my boys would love it. I bought one for both of them and they flipped over it. The construction is solid as a rock but not so heavy it's hard to mount. We used the gorilla hooks that support up to 25 lbs and it hung really easy. We love that it conceals a pistol and a shotgun and you can get to it quickly in a pinch. I hope we never need to get to a gun quick but I feel safer when I'm away knowing my wife can get to it quickly. About their customer service, excellent! The first one we ordered received some damage in shipment, sent an email, they shipped a new one the next day. Great job guys!

My house is now complete

The craftsmanship, the meaning behind it, the pride I take in it......It will always be part of my life and be passed on to family. Its stunning in its simplicity, yet powerful in its statement. I may have to buy one for a Police officer friend thats like a son to me.
Thank you my friends

Very attractive yet very cool piece of wall art / gun case work

I have showed this product to many of my friends, everyone loves it so you will probably get a few more orders due to this...I give this product 5 stars, this would be really cool in a Texas flag as well!