Brake Activated Hitch Covers
Brake Activated Hitch Covers
Brake Activated Hitch Covers
Brake Activated Hitch Covers
Brake Activated Hitch Covers

Brake Activated Hitch Covers


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Made in USA Billet Style Hitch Cover


Nine Line is always in search of new one-of-a-kind, badass, American Made products that we know our fans will love. Introducing the newest addition to our line of patriotic vehicle accessories: Brake Activated Hitch Covers!

Available now in (3) Nine Line design inserts, these are made exclusively for Nine Line by Veteran Owned and Operated, 1st Amendment Hitch Covers. Founded under one simple principle, to "give people their Freedom of Speech back", this patriotic company has a passion for keeping the rights of the American people alive.

MADE IN THE USA: Each billet-style Hitch Cover is designed and assembled in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania. Fabricated with rugged quality materials including steel, aluminum, HDPE, and stainless-steel fasteners.

EASY TO CUSTOMIZE: All Borders and Nine Line Cover Art Inserts are interchangeable.

A TRUE STATEMENT PIECE: The eye-catching LED Hitch Cover makes for a great conversation piece that accents your vehicle and projects your 1st Amendment rights!

MODES OF OPERATION: Headlights on = Hitch Cover illuminates, Headlights on and breaks depressed = Hitch Cover illuminates brighter and with Headlights on brakes depressed and turn signal/hazards activated = Hitch Cover blinks.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions – 4.75 x 6.25 x 4.25 inches

Assembled Height – 4.25 inches

Assembled Length – 4.75 inches

Assembled Width – 6.25 inches

Style – Billet

Material – Steel, Aluminum, HDPE, Stainless Steel Fasteners

Finish – Powder Coat

Cord Length – 12 inches

Voltage – 12 volts

Connector – 4-way flat trailer side

Mating Connector – 4-way flat vehicle side

Power Source - Corded-electric

Batteries Required? - No

Current Draw - 170mA @ 13.8V typical, 330mA @ 13.8V (Brakes on)

LED Color - 624 nm

** The units accepts a 12 VDC nominal input and plugging them into a 24 VDC system will cause damage

** Must use hitch pin to secure it (5/8” or less)

** Compatible with most Hitch receivers

Customer Reviews

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Just received this and my custom border from 1st amendment. Works exactly as described, high quality material and craftsmanship. Love it and a great way to recognize Nine Line the company , but more importantly. the women and men behind the "act/meaning" of 9 line.