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The name SIG SAUER immediately brings to mind strength, precision, innovation, and reliability. Warriors carry SIG. Those who carry SIG SAUER are carrying the same tools used by elite special operation forces, elite governmental organizations, law enforcement SWAT teams, and our men and women in military uniform. SIG apparel is an extension of that ethos. Powerful designs for those with the confidence and swagger to wear the SIG SAUER name.

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You want safety and security for your family, but as a responsibly armed American you realize that means much more than just owning a gun. USCCA Membership brings you industry-leading education, training & the trusted legal protection you need to Carry Confidence™.


Our Team will live and breathe custom vehicles and wheel fitment, by being passionate leaders in the custom car and truck culture. This will never be a JOB. We will inspire each other, we will live the enthusiasts’ lifestyle. As our Motto say “We Would Rather Walk Then Ride Stock”, we carry this forward in our clothing style. We came to Nine Line with an idea and a partnership opportunity and they delivered.

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