About Us

Founded and operated by Veterans, Nine Line is determined to continue to answer the nation's call to ensure the survival of liberty and prevent the deterioration of American Values. We are dedicated to reviving American manufacturing and the jobs they generate – setting the example for others to follow. As a lifestyle brand, Nine Line creates products that symbolize the distress call echoed on the battlefield encouraging others to be their brothers' keeper and ANSWER THE CALL.

Behind the Brand

Talk is cheap. Many brand's virtue signal, talk about setting the example, being a voice for good, but never follow through. Since 2012 the quiet professionals at Nine Line have put their time, money, and energy behind initiatives to set the example for our children to follow and have led from the front in the fight for the American way of life.

In the military, the term Nine Line is a distress call. It is often the difference between life and death and symbolizes the trust our servicemen and women have for one another. As a company, we aim to offer our customers a platform to spend their hard-earned money on apparel that reflects their values and give them the chance to wear their beliefs on their sleeves. As a lifestyle brand, Nine Line aims to reinvigorate a sense of patriotism and pride in our country that has eroded within our society.

At its core, Nine Line is a give-back organization, striving to give back to the military and first responder communities that fought and died for our freedoms.  From first responders and military non-profits to disaster relief initiatives, Nine Line is committed to the ongoing support of charitable initiatives that better the communities they serve. Additionally, Nine Line remains committed to the notion that if we need it here, we should make it here. Since its inception, Nine Line has remained committed to these three main tenets and will encourage others to ANSWER THE CALL in their own way.

the tenets of nine line


Support those who have and continue to serve honorably as members of the military, police, fire department, or any other public service. Hold those who abuse their power accountable but understand they do not represent the entirety of those who serve to protect us.


When tragedy strikes, there is no time for nonsensical political posturing. From aiding in evacuations from Afghanistan to helping orphans in Ukraine to providing emergency supplies to Hurricane and Tornado victims, Nine Line is committed to putting people over politics and setting the example for others to follow.


If we need it here, making it here is much easier said than done. When did sourcing of materials take a back seat to cutting cost? Since its inception Nine Line set out to create premium USA made products whenever possible. Beyond our USA-made line, we take pride in ensuring no materials are unethically sourced and vehemently condemn the use of any materials in connection with human rights abuses.

The Nine Line Call to Action

When United, we the people can fight injustice and preserve liberty and freedom from those who would prefer we remain sheep. We provide high quality products ethically and sustainably sourced that represent a sense of pride in self and community. We aim to provide a voice for those unable to speak, a channel through which patriots can make themselves heard. When given the opportunity, we will set the example for others to follow and will always ANSWER THE CALL.

Start-Up Challenges

What initially was conceived as a promotional products company between a military veteran and his wife, evolved into the brand Nine Line Apparel in 2012. It all began in Tyler and Angela's garage, and eventually the operation moved to a small house. Tyler was still active duty and frequently deploying; so Angela managed the fledgling business in Tyler’s absence. Fortunately, in 2013, Tyler returned from a deployment just in time for the company’s first-ever holiday rush. Angela and Tyler packed and shipped packages through the night in order to fulfill the unexpected flood of orders. It was obvious that this house would not sustain the fast-growing business much longer so they moved the company to a small storefront near downtown Savannah in 2014.

Though the storefront initially seemed to have an abundance of space, ten months hadn't passed before Nine Line outgrew its new home. Even after leasing the property next door, purchasing half a dozen shipping conexes, and installing two mobile office trailers, the rate of growth continued to surpass available space.

Future of Nine Line

It didn’t take long for Nine Line to outgrow the storefront property near downtown Savannah. On October 12, 2017, Nine Line hosted a Ribbon Cutting Ceremony of their new 60,000 square foot facility on the outskirts of Savannah.

Nine Line is committed to continuing to create jobs here in America. We have made a conscious decision to move away from foreign made materials wherever possible, and are committed to creating a cut & sew factory here in Savannah, GA in the next three years. Although remaining profitable is the tenet of any successful business, we have innovative ways to ensure this occurs while returning manufacturing to the US. We will continue to hone our skills in the Apparel industry while expanding to markets outside of Apparel.

Recent Awards

Constant pursuit of excellence

The hard work and dedication over the past few years have proven themselves in the most recent recognitions awarded to us. Most recently Nine Line has been awarded the Entrepreneur of the Year award by Savannah, Internet Retailer proclaimed us the fastest growing online retailer, BigCommerce declared our site the best designed website out of 3,000 applicants, and most notably Inc 5000 declared us the 31st fastest growing company in the entire United States.