5 hard truths everyone needs to understand about impeachment

5 hard truths everyone needs to understand about impeachment

5 hard truths everyone needs to understand about impeachment

Unless you live under a rock (and frankly, we wouldn’t blame you if you recently moved there to get away from this crap), the Democrat-led House of Representatives are going to vote to impeach President Donald J. Trump.

Since before he was inaugurated – heck, probably ever since he sailed down the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his candidacy, the Democrats and the rest of his critics have been wanting to get rid of him.

Throw him out of office. And maybe into jail.

So, is impeachment going to achieve that? Lots of people sure hope so, and are gleefully waiting for that fateful vote.


Here are the five hard truths everyone needs to understand about Trump’s “impeachment”

1.Even after he’s “impeached” Donald Trump will still be president of the United States. Bill Clinton was also impeached, remember? He finished out his term.

2.No matter how much the House of Representatives hates Donald Trump, they cannot convict him. Six committees of the House have drawn up two “Articles of Impeachment” which lay out the crimes they think he has committed. Then a majority of the House must vote to approve those articles. If they don’t hold a vote, or don’t approve the articles, nothing goes forward.

3.Even if Trump is “impeached” it doesn’t mean anything unless the Senate holds a trial. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has hinted he might not even go forward with a trial.

4. A Senate trial – if it does go ahead – probably wouldn’t happen until next year. Which also happens to be an election year. No doubt Trump’s opponents and critics would LOVE to have Trump on trial during the campaign.

5. A conviction is highly unlikely at this point. The “jurors” in a trial of Donald Trump will be all 100 Senators. For those keeping score, 53 are Republican, 45 are Democrat, and two are Independent. A two-thirds majority of 67 is required to convict. That means TWENTY Republican Senators must flip and vote against the president, assuming a trial even happen. Highly unlikely.


And by the way, Americans on the whole are not really in the boat on this impeachment business. According to Real Clear Politics, opposition to impeachment is actually on the upswing. So once again, the mainstream media is feeding an agenda (i.e. Hillary is going to win) that may be lacking in the truthiness department.


Time will tell, but to paraphrase the eloquent Taylor Swift, we all need to calm down. Everyone (registered American citizens, that is) gets to vote next November. America voted him in, and they can vote him out too if they want.




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