Army vet speaks out on Afghan fall: "I am truly scared for this country"

Army vet speaks out on Afghan fall: "I am truly scared for this country" - Nine Line Apparel

I served this nation as a Night Stalker in the U.S. Army’s 160th Special Operation Aviation Regiment, providing close air support in Blackhawk helicopters to Rangers, Delta Force, Special Forces and Navy SEALs.

I am proud of the service to my nation. I have always been and will continue to be relentlessly patriotic.

But it is heartbreaking to see what’s unfolding in Afghanistan before our eyes.

In 2013 I started the Nine Line Foundation to assist my West Point classmate, Capt. Edward “Flip” Klein, who lost three limbs while deployed to Afghanistan.

Three limbs. Now I wonder, for what?

My friends and family have sacrificed more for this nation than can ever be repaid, but we always felt it was worth the price.

It's worth the fight to ensure freedom remains where tyranny and oppression once reigned. It’s worth the fight to ensure freedom for all Americans.

We speak of the importance of being “woke.” We’re even told saying EVERY life matters is disrespectful to some. The new religion of politics is COVID, and it’s being used to ensure we remain afraid and distracted from what’s really going on.

This administration doesn’t fear the Taliban, Chinese expansionism, or any other existential threat currently facing the nation.

Instead, this administration fears facts, transparency, and anyone who dares question the drivers of its incredibly ill-conceived policies.

I am truly scared for this country, our Afghanistan Army counterparts, and the future we’re now setting in motion. I fear my children will likely return as warfighters to re-fight a war that was all but won.

Even after the U.S. utilized a nuclear option to end WWII, we maintained a presence in Japan for decades.

Maintaining a small presence of elite soldiers to ensure all the gains we made were not lost overnight was a simple and agreed upon strategy.

Sometimes taking no action is the right action, and ever since this administration has taken over, the idea of changing things for the sake of change or political wins seems to be the only real objective.

It’s an old Army adage that “If it ain’t broke, don't fix it.” Someone may want to clue in our commander in chief that while his position is to make the final decision, for the love of God, he should listen to the seasoned warfighters who are providing him advice.

Mr. President, I beg you, make decisions for the betterment of the free world and your country, not just your political party.


  • Maggie Hamberger

    My father was a career military man, and he served in Vietnam from 1966-67. He graduated from the USMA, Class of 1953. A few short years after the initial engagement in the Middle East, my father and I were watching the evening news and he said to me, “Mark my words. This war will be this generation’s Vietnam. How this ends will be fully dependent on the Commander in Chief when the end comes”. I’m glad he wasn’t here to see this play out. I’ve been angered at many administrations over the decades, but I am utterly outraged at this Administration. Joe Biden is the most spineless, weak, addle-brained president to sit in the White House. He needs to be removed from office. For all who have fought and served, for those who paid the ultimate price for our nation, you will not be forgotten. We will say your names. Be Thou at Peace.

  • Joseph Jones

    I’ve made a call to my congress man and the response I got was very lack luster…. essentially the congressman’s aid told me that he’s in briefings… and essentially let me know congressmen do what congressmen do best… sit and wait.

    We have a full veteran community chomping at the bit to go get these Americans trapped over there…. use us. I’m a former e-4 combat engineer. Never once in Afghanistan…. but more that are more qualified then myself feel the same way. And if/when I get that call I’d gladly go. I know I won’t but.. if called I will.

  • Stacy Art

    1991-1994 Navy veteran here. Well said.

  • James Creech

    Amen, it sends a weak message.

  • Jim Morrin

    Well said. I’ve never had the privilege of serving my country but honor all those who have fought and cry for those who have been injured or died. I wear my Nine Line patriotic apparel proudly 🇺🇸

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