Audio: 13 Ukrainian guards killed by Russian warship after refusing to surrender - 'Go f--k yourself'

Audio: 13 Ukrainian guards killed by Russian warship after refusing to surrender - 'Go f--k yourself' - Nine Line Apparel
13 Ukrainian border guards were killed after telling a Russian warship “go f–k yourself” in response to Russian troops demanding their surrender.

The border guards were stationed on Snake Island in the Black Sea south of Odessa, when the Russian warship threatened to engage if the guards refused to surrender.


“This is Russian warship. I repeat. I suggest you surrender your weapons and capitulate. Otherwise, I will open fire. Do you copy?” the Russian troops said over a radio.

“This is it,” a Ukrainian border guard says quietly to another guard.

“Should I tell him to go f—k himself? Just in case,” he continues.

After a short moment, the Ukrainian guard turns up the volume on radio and responds, “Russian warship, go f—k yourself.”

All 13 guards were killed while standing their ground in the face of a Russian attack.

Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelenskyy said in a speech following the attack, that all of the border guards who were killed defending the country will be honored with the title of the “Hero of Ukraine.”

“Defending the Zmiinyi island, all our border guards died a heroic death. But they have not surrendered. They will all be awarded posthumously the title of the Hero of Ukraine,” Zelenskyy said. “Let those who gave their lives for Ukraine be remembered forever.”

Honor those who sacrifice their safety and lives in the fight for Freedom.

Stand With Ukraine as they fight for their families, their lives, and their Freedom.



  • Cameron

    Forgot to mention that the soldiers are also alive.

  • Cameron

    The russian warship mentioned in this article has been destroyed

  • Zrt0521

    Hey Damien in the words of the 13 Ukrainian Patriots and I quote "GO F@#K YOURSELF!!! AND TAKE YOUR SORRY ASS TO RUSSIA

  • Jacquelyn

    You can’t blame Biden for not running in guns blazing. That is what Putin wants. He wants the excuse to fire nukes right at us. He is willing to take the whole planet with him to save face. The only way to stop this without starting a nuclear war is for the might of the ENTIRE UN to show up at the same time. Not just the US.

  • Patti

    W e stand with the Ukrainians!

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