CoronaVirus: How to help the economy rebound...

CoronaVirus: How to help the economy rebound... - Nine Line Apparel

Covid-19 has affected nearly every person, business, and industry in the world. Once fear has set in, crime will likely begin to increase. Desperation will oftentimes encourage law-abiding citizens to make both unhealthy and unethical decisions.
It’s times like these that we turn to leadership for encouragement in staying positive, overcoming fear, and making conscious decisions to be a positive influence for change.

In our very own backyard of Savannah, GA we are already seeing the local economy divested by layoffs. The cancellation of our St Patrick’s day festivities will undoubtedly lead to financial hardships for hundreds of businesses that are reliant on the increased holiday revenue. While fear has encouraged everyone to hoard supplies, barricade themselves inside, and socially “distance” themselves from the world, we need to take a different approach. 

Everyone has the responsibility, to not only focus on safety measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, but to also ensure that we have a viable economy once this situation passes. 

Small businesses were recently asked to foot the bill for extended sick leave, but in order to do this, we must encourage every American to pitch in as well.

Before you go online and purchase products made in China, remember who started this pandemic.

Do not continue to infuse relief into one of the most tyrannical and oppressive regimes the world has ever known.

This is NOT a time to be “woke” and concern ourselves with being politically correct.

A few months ago Nike’s CEO Mark Parker emphatically stated: “Nike is a brand of China for China.” Every purchase of their product will infuse the Chinese economy and allow them to return to a position of economic prosperity faster than ever before.

That is not Patriotism, that does not help our fellow Americans recover from a Chinese born pandemic.

Instead, do your part, buy American and shop small businesses. 

Now more than ever is the time to support our neighbors and communities. Small businesses will feel the hurt more than anyone.

This is all of our chances to show the world what right looks like.

Now is our time to encourage everyone to be American Strong.

Tyler Merritt, CEO Nine Line Apparel, 

Former Air Mission Commander 160th SOAR



  • Todd Rebmann

    As I wear your clothes every day Ts, Jackets, sweatshirts. Been a customer for a few years. I’m a proud patriot, veteran and workingman. Think you guys are great and will continue to shop with ya!!! To bad your not Jarheads!!
    Peace Ya-all n Godspeed!!

  • Duane Young

    Completely agree, I always prefer to buy USA products. Unfortunately so many companies outsource to China and others. We need to bring these jobs home. You gave the Nike example, another one is our electrical grid. The transformers are built in China. China can easily cripple the US. We don’t have enough product in the US to sustain do to all the outsourcing. Keep up the good work. #nineline #uscca

  • Dennis Gowen

    Got dozen of your shirts; love what you stand for. I’ll be in Savannah in December. Would like to stop by and say thanks.

  • Chris Reuther

    What a great message! I would love to see companies band together to help push this along! America first and foremost!

  • James Towers

    Thank y’all for doing doing a great job because I enjoy wearing your shirts every month I get them.God Bless keep it up

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