Critics find new reason to attack former SEAL Gallagher

Critics find new reason to attack former SEAL Gallagher - Nine Line Apparel

Critics find new reason to attack former SEAL Gallagher

Former Navy SEAL chief Eddie Gallagher is being charged with new crimes by his critics. It has nothing to do with his conduct during his decorated 20-year career in the U.S. Navy.

Gallagher is now being prosecuted in the court of public opinion because of his support by, and for President Donald Trump.

The latest salvos come from the New York Times, Salon, NBC News…oh you know, the usual suspects.


The Times published a profile of Gallagher’s post-Navy career, including his partnership with Nine Line Apparel (more about that later) and exactly ZERO about the non-profit foundation he has formed to advocate for and support veterans, police officers and their families who are enduring similar situations as Eddie.

But that’s not what matters to his critics. What matters is President Trump’s support of Eddie’s case, and the fact that Eddie is an unabashed supporter of the president.

As a result, Gallagher is being branded a “war criminal,” and when the Times had the temerity to describe him as simply “retired” in a tweet, they were forced to delete the tweet and issue an apology.


Yes, Eddie Gallagher has launched a line of clothing and accessories with Nine Line Apparel called Salty Frog Gear. Eddie’s partnership with Nine Line is a natural one, considering “Nine Line” is a term known throughout the military as a call for help. From the start, the company was formed to make sure those who have served this nation know they would always have a voice and a lifeline in their hour of need.

Nine Line advocated for Eddie throughout his trial, and now it’s time for Eddie to give back.

Eddie’s non-profit initiative, The Pipe Hitter Foundation, will raise money to assist other service members and police officers who’ve been wrongfully accused. These issues can’t be addressed or combated unless they’re talked about publicly. It was that public discussion about Eddie’s case that shed light on the corrupt prosecution from the military establishment, and caught the attention of the commander in chief.


All of the serious charges against Eddie were dropped. Corruption in the military justice system was exposed.

But of course, none of that matters to those who continue to attack Eddie as a proxy for their distaste for the president. None of that matters – including the truth.

Snarky comments in social media about a promotional photo showing Eddie holding a rifle with a gun sight on backwards ignore the fact he was handed a number of weapons during the photo shoot which he did not set up.

And importantly, Gallagher was never charged with killing a 12-year-old girl.

The hatred and vitriol still being hurled at this veteran is despicable.

For nearly twenty years, Eddie Gallagher served as a Navy SEAL. He had eight overseas combat deployments, and earned two Bronze Stars and one Navy Achievement Medal, both with “V” for Valor.

CBS News isn’t probably the first news network you think of when it comes for support of our military, but in 2012, “60 Minutes” producer Henry Schuster wrote, The real divide in the U.S is that only one percent of us fight in war, and the rest don’t understand the true cost of conflict.

We don’t understand that the cost of war doesn’t end when the troops come home, but is instead often paid out over the years.


Nine Line understands. Eddie Gallagher and his family understand. And hopefully everyone who reads this does too.





Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories- Veteran Owned and Operated

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