EXCLUSIVE: Former Navy SEAL gives statement on Trump’s efforts to intervene in his case

EXCLUSIVE: Former Navy SEAL gives statement on Trump’s efforts to intervene in his case - Nine Line Apparel

Former Navy SEAL Eddie Gallagher has been out of combat for years but is still fighting to retain the honor and rank he earned during his decorated 20-year career in the elite fighting force.

Gallagher was charged with the murder of an ISIS fighter and unfairly singled out for the lesser charge of taking a photo with the body of the fighter, despite most of his platoon taking part as well. As a result of the charges, he was unlawfully detained, denied medical treatment for traumatic brain injury, saw his wife and family publicly ridiculed, and was spied on by corrupt attorneys.

In July, he was acquitted of murder, but the photo charge has remained, leaving Gallagher with a reduced rank, a criminal record, and a huge chunk missing from his lifetime pension as a result.

 EXCLUSIVE: Former Navy SEAL gives statement on Trump’s efforts to intervene in his case

On Monday, Fox News' Pete Hegseth reported that President Trump was preparing to take “imminent action” on Gallagher’s case. 

Hegseth had personally spoken to the president over the weekend, and said the president was keen to act before Veterans Day on November 11.


Yesterday, we spoke with Eddie and his wife Andrea about Trump’s intervention.

Eddie and Andrea Gallagher


The Gallaghers were amazed and honored that the commander in chief had taken such a personal interest in their case, and said they were aware he had taken a personal interest throughout the course of the trial.

Regarding his case, Eddie said he had been personally prosecuted because some of the guys in his platoon didn’t like his mission-focused, no “bullshit” style. The military “establishment” in the form of NCIS had a goal to take down a Navy SEAL, so they crafted a prosecution before the investigation had even begun.


Both Eddie and Andrea agreed there was an eerie similarity to the way President Trump has been treated by the Washington establishment, and perhaps that’s why President Trump took a particular interest in Gallagher’s case.

But Andrea noted the issue is greater than just one person or one case, and believes all of this is being directed by a much higher power.


There is a systemic problem in the military and throughout America where justice simply isn't being done. She quoted the words of Martin Luther King, Jr. to drive home the point:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


The country is currently going through prison reform, and is way overdue for military justice reform, as Eddie and Andrea wholeheartedly agreed the UCMJ is archaic for current applications of war.

No matter what the president decides to do on Eddie’s behalf, the Gallaghers are united behind a new mission to be advocates for veterans, and call on all patriots to strengthen their brotherhood and to always be their brother's keeper.


They’ve formed a powerful collaboration with Nine Line Apparel, one of the fastest-growing veteran-owned brands in the nation.

Salty Frog Gear proudly presented by Nine Line Apparel


Eddie had met Tyler Merritt, Nine Line’s CEO, in passing once on deployment, but had no idea how their lives would later become linked.

When Eddie’s case first became public, Andrea said Tyler and Nine Line showed up almost out of the blue to support him, and were with him every step of the way. Eddie said when his family was in distress, Nine Line was there to help, and speak up for him when no else would. 


“They treated us like gold,” Eddie said, “and opened my eyes that the brotherhood goes on. Nine Line and Black Rifle are vets taking care of vets.”

“To top it off, they came up with the idea of a brand and to create a partnership,” Eddie added referring to Nine Line’s newest exclusive line of apparel, Salty Frog Gear (SFG).

Salty Frog Gear proudly presented by Nine Line Apparel


The company describes Nine Line SFG as “a coastal lifestyle brand with an edge. With specialty garments flexible enough for a fishing trip at sea or a weekend afternoon on the range, SFG provides functional, versatile, and affordable apparel solutions for your next outdoor adventure.”


"I was afforded the opportunity to work with both Nine Line Apparel and Black Rifle Coffee Company to help promote our collaborative line with Nine Line “Salty Frog Gear.” These two veteran-owned companies set the bar for brotherhood.”

Nine Line Apparel and Black Rifle Coffee Company welcome Eddie Gallagher to the family

**pictured from left to right: Matthew Lyda, Zac Scalf, Scott Brown (of the Scooter Brown Band), Jeff Mueller, Tyler Merritt, Eddie Gallagher, Matt Best, Mark "Oz" Geist (Benghazi hero and survivor), James Taylor, Mark Calaway (The Undertaker), and Bobby V.


Of his commitment to his brothers and sisters in uniform, Eddie says, “Brotherhood is not just a statement, it’s a way of life.  On and off the battlefield I accept the responsibility for the welfare of my brothers.  It’s been and honor and privilege to uphold this standard through my military career and I will keep doing so after I retire.  I AM MY BROTHERS KEEPER!  #LLTRB!”


Andrea sums up the sentiment in just four succinct words: Warfighters are not disposable.

Eddie Gallagher - I am my brother's keeper




Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories- Veteran Owned and Operated


  • Kevin Katsarelas

    A Country is only as great as it takes care of its veteran’s, who made the country great in the first place. A lot of law makers fail to realize the blood, sweat, and tears that men and women have shed for this country. In our travels, some day I would like to stop by with my family to shake the hands of the men and women of Nine Line for the work they continue to do.

  • Gary Thurman

    I did not service, my number did not come up during the Viet Nam War however my brother serviced and my father enlisted in WWII but was injured in boot camp. I have worked with a Marine Recon, a Army Ranger, and a 3 tour Special Force (Green Beret) and admire their dedication to our Country, their brothers and family. We train our Special Operators to be almost supermen but we need to remember that they humans also. To that I thank each and everyone of our service members for their commitment and happy to have seen Chief Gallagher cleared and supported by our President.

  • Bob

    Child murderer

  • Susan Lawrence

    Followed the case of Gallagher & just viewed 60 Minute interview. Never heard of your company till tonight but you will have a new customer for life.

  • Bryan Owens

    Not a vet nor have I been in the military but I have loved Nine Line and what they have stood for from day one. I am a former Firefighter and the brotherhood in the fire service is similar to that in the service so I can relate to a lot of it. You stand behind your brothers and sisters and everyone goes home. Keep up the fight and we are here to fight right beside you.

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