EXCLUSIVE: Navy SEAL Pardoned by Trump Announces New Mission

EXCLUSIVE: Navy SEAL Pardoned by Trump Announces New Mission - Nine Line Apparel

If a soldier is wounded on the battlefield and requires a helicopter evacuation (CASEVAC), fellow warriors will call in a “Nine Line.” The “Nine Line” refers to a standard nine lines of information used throughout the military to provide clear and concise instructions for the evacuation, such as location, number of casualties, extent of injuries, urgency, and so on.

Those who answer the Nine Line call are always ready to help those in need.


In 2013, two combat veteran brothers formed Nine Line Apparel to honor and celebrate those who have served, and continue the mission of helping those in need.

Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher is one of the warriors Nine Line has been proud to assist.

Gallagher had met Tyler Merritt, Nine Line’s CEO, in passing once on deployment, but had no idea how their lives would later become linked.

When Gallagher’s case first became public, Nine Line showed up almost out of the blue to support him and was with him every step of the way.

Gallagher said when his family was in distress, Nine Line was there to help, and speak up for him alongside a small group of advocates and non-profit organizations who were there to help. Through its apparel sales, the company raised thousands of dollars to help defray his legal expenses, and make sure the nation was aware of the sham case against him.

As we’ve reported here, Gallagher was acquitted of the major charges against him and had his rank restored by President Trump…but his story isn’t yet over.

EXCLUSIVE: Navy SEAL Pardoned by Trump Announces New Mission

Now Nine Line Apparel will continue working with Eddie Gallagher on an exclusive line of apparel called Salty Frog Gear (SFG).

The company describes Nine Line SFG as “a coastal lifestyle brand with an edge. With specialty garments (flexible enough for a fishing trip at sea or a weekend afternoon on the range, SFG provides functional, versatile, and affordable apparel solutions for your next outdoor adventure.”

A portion of the sales of Salty Frog Gear will go towards Gallagher’s new non-profit initiative to raise money for other service members who have been wrongfully accused of Uniformed Code of Military Justice offenses.

Of his commitment to his brothers and sisters in uniform, Gallagher says, “Brotherhood isn’t just a statement, it’s a way of life.  On and off the battlefield I accept the responsibility for the welfare of my brothers.  

It’s been and honor and privilege to uphold this standard through my military career and I will keep doing so after I retire.”


As a veteran-owned company, the concept of giving back is baked into the DNA of Nine Line. CEO Merritt says, “we are proud to see our actions being paid forward by those that we have assisted.”



Nine Line is an American Clothing Company with American made Apparel and Accessories- Veteran Owned and Operated


  • Samantha Keech

    My husband and I have served our country for over 60 years of combined military service with 4 combat deployments. We purchased and wore your clothes with pride. I carried my Nine Line coffee cup for over 2 years. We will no longer purchase your products or support your company. Your support of a war criminal is inconsistent with our military values. Thank you for your service to other Veterans and our Country. We will support other Veteran owned companies who do not openly back war criminals.

  • William Hill

    Would love to see you guys venture into the hunting apparel industry arena and provide quality camo like your other clothing. Tough to find true quality in jackets, coats, thick long sleeved shirts and other items. Love your brand, support our troops and our vets, thank you for all you guys do.

  • Samuel Roberson

    Bravo Zulu.. Once in always in.. Keep up the great work..

  • Donna White

    Thank you! As a daughter of a Green Beret, I can’t thank you enough! My whole family loves & wears your line.
    My Dad would be proud of you and your company!

  • Randy Ramos

    I still can’t afford your apparel and your still true badass American heroes. Just wanted to to tell you don’t care about comment getting published

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