Help us get American-made masks to our frontline warriors

Help us get American-made masks to our frontline warriors

From our founding, our company mission statement was to honor the sacrifices made daily by the men and women in uniform, whether they wear the uniform of police, firefighters, health care professionals or warfighters, and inspire every American to be a patriot.

Our company was named Nine Line, a term known throughout the military as a call for help because we wanted to make sure those who have served – and are serving - knew they always have a voice and a lifeline in their hour of need.

Now, those who are serving this nation on the frontlines of the battle against the spread of the coronavirus need America’s help more than ever. Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is in short supply and we’ve joined the fight to solve this critical shortage.

With a team of designers, doctors, engineers and other manufacturers, Nine Line has developed the Homeland American Made Personal Protection (AMPP) mask. It’s a patent-pending, injection molded, 100 percent American-made protective mask. And it’s reusable. Each mask comes with a 10-pack of pre-cut, replaceable filter material.

“Three short weeks ago, our coalition had an idea and the motivation to make a difference,” said Tyler Merritt, founder and CEO of Nine Line Apparel. “We’ve invested millions of dollars toward the accelerated development and testing of this mask system, and we’re excited to finally get it into the hands of those in need.”

Nine Line’s coalition is in the process of applying for expedited FDA approval to validate the efficacy of the mask and filtration system. But in the meantime, Merritt believes enough in the product to deploy it to those he cares about most: his mother, a nurse battling COVID-19 on the frontlines and his father, an at-risk as cancer survivor.

He believes that the Homeland AMPP Mask is a “better solution than any of the other non-FDA approved devices currently flooding the market with false claims of effectiveness.”

Merritt continues, "we've put our heart and soul into doing this the right way - teaming with leading engineers, filtration experts, and health care professionals to develop a rapidly scalable American made solution. I hope we (as a country) learn from this and never outsource the manufacturing of PPE ever again.”  

With the first masks now coming off production lines, we’re supporting the healthcare, first responder, and military communities with our “Masks for Heroes” initiative.

For every mask purchased, Nine Line will donate an additional mask to the service sectors in need. Our goal is to donate 1,000 masks in the next two weeks.

We believe our Homeland AMPP Mask is the sustainable, scalable, American-made solution to the United States’ reliance on foreign-produced PPE. But we need your help to make it happen.

Help us support Americans battling coronavirus on the front lines and join our Masks for Heroes now. 


  • Daniel P Westbrook

    I’m a federal agent working front line as I type ( I’m on a break) how could I sign myself and a few agents I’m on a team with for the program to possibly get a mask . We can provide any documentation requested to validate who we are and what we do. Take care . Thanks.

  • Brian Najaka

    I am a pharmacist. I am a frontline worker that has trouble getting masks with filters. Wondering how I can go about getting a mask. Thanks.

  • Rose DeWees

    We that work in Nursing homes our PPE is barely adequate. Does my Facility Administration need to get in Contact , because I’d be interested in several of these masks, since our virus cases are rising. Please Help!! I live in Louisville ky. Thanks!!

  • Bill Auten

    I have pulmonary fibrosis from exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam. How can I purchase one of your masks.

  • Dave Janning

    I am a Paramedic that is working in Louisiana at a 1000 bed facility for Covid positive patients. I am supervising the only ALS unit that is servicing any patient that has become unstable and de-compensating. I was wondering how I could request to become involved in the group of healthcare providers that could get some masked donated to me and my team? Please feel free to email me back at your earliest convenience. Thanks and I appreciate your mission and your products. You guys rock.
    Dave J

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