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In America, By Americans, For America - Nine Line Apparel

Few Americans realize the extent to which products that they purchase are produced overseas, especially items covered in patriotic symbols such as the American flag and our beloved bald eagle. Multi-million dollar corporations like Nike are responsible for the employment of hundreds, if not thousands, of Chinese laborers working in deplorable conditions with no regulations of safety or fair pay. These men and women are being paid minimal wages and afforded no benefits or suitable working conditions as they slave and toil, creating apparel which companies like Nike sell for a markup worth more than a week’s wage to workers such as these.

Meanwhile, we at Nine Line Apparel have dedicated our company to sourcing 90% of our products to American made manufacturing. Directly, we provide almost 200 jobs to military veterans, veteran family, and patriotic Americans, here in Savannah, Georgia. Indirectly, we work with both large and small enterprises based right here in the United States that employ hundreds of American citizens. We choose to partner with American companies because we believe in the American dream. We choose to support American workers, rather than fostering the inhumane and unregulated Asian manufacturing economy.

Though we are still a young organization, we are dedicated to fully transitioning ALL of our product manufacturing to the United States. We anticipate doubling our workforce over the next two years, continuing to provide American jobs to American citizens, and furthering our position as a frontline leader not only in our hometown of Savannah, Georgia, but in the United States as a whole. We continue to collaborate with organizations that provide transitional employment for our retiring military members, education for our veterans, and support through our nonprofit initiatives via the Nine Line Foundation (learn more:

President Trump has openly expressed his advocacy for American entrepreneurship, and we appreciate and applaud his support of domestic business. Over 8 million jobs have been created since his election, with unemployment at an all-time low nationwide. His administration continues to sponsor legislation beneficial American business owners, no matter whether they are boot strapped star ups, or legacy owned companies. The prerogative remains the same: promoting the American economy, employing American citizens, and building a better country for future generations.

Join us in the fight for the American economy, for American citizens and their families, and for fair wages and work for people across the world.




  • Anna Marie

    Why does your clothing tags say made in Honduras?

  • Concerned Patriot

    Hello , and thanks for what you do and stand for . My concern is that it says owned and operated and designed in the USA the products said made in China? Please help me decipher the truth and how this works Thanks

  • Gail

    I am a loyal customer. I support ALL VETERANS in as many ways I can. Started young as a WWII NAVY CB’s daughter, supported uncles who served in WWII & KOREA, too many friends in VIET NAM…
    My POINT: As a humble civilian, I don’t always catch the MEANING or significance of some of your lines. Before my 1st order, I had to dig to understand “NineLine”.
    Now I’m stumped & about to research “warheads on foreheads”.
    MY SUGGESTION: Somewhere on your site, provide a link for us Civilians to understand the IMPORTANT SIGNIFICANCE of each & every different Tshirt line.

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