Medal of Honor recipient Thomas J. Kinsman

Medal of Honor recipient Thomas J. Kinsman - Nine Line Apparel
February 6, 1968 - Specialist Fourth Class Thomas J. Kinsman receives the Medal of Honor. Sp4c Kinsman served as a rifleman with the 3-60th Infantry during the Vietnam War. His company was moving up a narrow canal on armored troop carriers as part of the Mobile Riverine Force. The troop carriers came under heavy, intense enemy fire. Sp4c Kinsman’s company immediately came ashore and began assaulting the enemy bunker. Eight men from the company became separated from the main unit due to the dense vegetation and limited visibility. An enemy soldier threw a grenade amongst these separated US Soldiers. Sp4c Kinsman threw himself on the grenade to save his fellow men. Miraculously, he lived, but suffered severe head and chest wounds.
Kinsman never wanted any spotlight for his actions. He donated his Medal of Honor to the Veterans Memorial Museum and declined to join the Congressional Medal of Honor Society. He was described as a humble and honest man by all that knew him. After leaving the Army, Kinsman worked as a cattle farmer. He passed away in May 2017 at 72 years old.
[Image descriptions: 1. Thomas J. Kinsman in uniform (US Army) 2. An aged Thomas Kinsman (Nick Delcalzo) 3. Thomas J. Kinsman receiving the Medal of Honor (Unknown)]

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