More than a dozen Saudis to be expelled after Pensacola shooting, but not why you’d think

More than a dozen Saudis to be expelled after Pensacola shooting, but not why you’d think - Nine Line Apparel

More than a dozen Saudis to be expelled after Pensacola shooting, but not why you’d think

After a thorough review of the deadly shooting at Naval Air Station Pensacola, sources (according to CNN) say more than a dozen Saudi servicemen will be expelled from the United States.

In December, 21-year-old Saudi Air Force Second Lieutenant Mohammed Saeed al-Shamrani killed three Americans and wounded eight others in a shooting at Naval Air Station in Pensacola. The Saudi air force officer was studying at the base as part of the exchange program, which included about 850 Saudi nationals.

The Saudis being expelled are not accused of aiding al-Shamrani, but some are said to have connections to extremist movements.

And here’s the weird part…some are also being accused of possessing child pornography.


Do those two things often go together?


Probably will trigger Rep. Ilhan Omar to bring this up, but in April of last year, a man suspected of terrorism ties in the Washington DC area was convicted on child pornography charges.

That bastion of conservative opinion, the Washington Post, reported at the time that "the man was under investigation for suspected interest in Islamic extremism and was convicted of sending pornographic images to a 15-year-old girl and trying to coerce her to respond in kind."

"Seitu Kokayi, 30, had taught the girl at an Islamic school in D.C. since she was 6 or 7, according to trial testimony. But over several weeks in August, when she was visiting family in Minnesota, he began engaging her in sexual conversations and video chats."

"Prosecutor Kellan Dwyer described Kokayi as a “wolf in sheep’s clothing,” a “trusted teacher” who used that relationship to pressure the girl to engage in sexual activity. In text and phone conversations shared in court, he asked her to show him parts of her body and whether she would marry him."

And just because we’re on the subject, most traditional texts say the prophet Muhammed’s second or third wife Aisha was betrothed to him at the age of six, but stayed in her parents' home until the grand old age of nine or ten when the marriage was finally consummated. Muhammad was 53 at the time.

But yeah, that was the culture then. Perfectly normal.



CNN says despite the fact that the Saudi servicemen will be expelled (for doing whatever), there have been no co-conspirators charged as part of the investigation of the Pensacola attack, and the Saudi government has pledged its FULL support.

The Justice Department is expected to conclude the shooting was indeed an act of terrorism.




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