NL apparel commits its experience and expertise in sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution to the US government to facilitate upwards of 10M masks per week. 

NL along with a partnership with Bella Canvas and other textile manufacturers have developed plans and are executing as fast as possible to manufacturer affordable masks.
At a time when the country should be uniting all it's resources to protect our nurses and doctors on the front lines, there are corporations that are hoarding supplies and attempting to price gouge PPE such as N95 certified mass.
In general, there are two machines located in the US that have the capability to create the material currently used as a filtration barrier.
3M's factory in China is one such company but others are now gobbling up these materials and putting the manufacturers of the melt-blown fabric under exclusive contracts to protect their identity and eliminate competition to control the pricing.
This is causing masks that once were purchased in volume for less than $1 to skyrocket to 5-7 times that price.
Businesses like Bella Canvas and my own have vowed to produce product at cost and drive prices DOWN to that $1 mark through innovation. 
We are testing new materials, chemical additives, and manufacturing processes and are confident we are on the cusp of developing a viable and scalable solution.
What we need is full transparency of who is making/procuring these masks and why they are manipulating the market to drive costs up.
What we need is government intervention to provide immediate funding for companies like Bella Canvas to accelerate testing of new solutions and a reduction of red tape to certify their protective capabilities by the FDA.
NOW IS THE TIME for businesses, universities, federal and state officials to come together and fix a major problem, not a time for select corporations to make billions and stifle the manufacturing of critical supplies needed to protect our citizens.
China is a fascist and tyrannical regime and that is exactly what they are doing.
We are better than that and it's time we showed the world what Patriotism looks like in its truest form.
CPT Tyler Merritt
CEO Nine Line Apparel
Former Air Mission Commander 160th SOAR


  • DAve kElly

    Need shipping info on my order, thanks

  • Susan Braswell

    Looking for masks for Veterans Hospital staff and also for fellow co-workers at Publix Supermarket where I work. I am the Commander of a chapter in Newnan, Georgia for the Disabled American Veterans and also work part time as a cashier in Publix, Store #799, Peachtree City, Ga. I would like to get many masks for the Hospital staff and also the people in my workplace.

  • Connie S Hamilton

    Hello, I saw your company on Fox News & was so impressed with what you are doing in this Crisis! I heard how you worry about your mom being high risk! I was just diagnosed with CHF due to having chemo during breast cancer & I am 67 yrs old! There are times I absolutely need to go out for medication & supplies when family not available as they live over an hour away! I need to order a small amt of masks to wear to exercise to increase a now low ejection fraction of my heart to get strengthen my heart. Tried ordering another place & was a scam …after paid pulled their site from internet. Out 27.00 now. Can I get a few medical grade masks from your company at this time?? Thanks & God Bless & thanks for your service to this Country!💞🌺 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 my phone number is 740-279-8071.

  • Sandra Romero

    Thank. You. And. Bless. U. For. The. Mask. For. The. People. Who. Need. Them. Like. Fire fighters. Police. Nurses. Doctors. God. Bless. U. All

  • Lucia Frusciante

    I would like to order 1 box for my daughter in Waltham, Ma and another for my daughter in Williamsville, NY but it does not allow me to do it since I just order 1 box for my husband and myself. Please advise. Thank you.

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