Navy STILL going after Gallagher despite Trump intervention

Navy STILL going after Gallagher despite Trump intervention - Nine Line Apparel

Navy STILL going after Gallagher despite Trump intervention

Within days of having his rank restored by the commander in chief, Special Operations Chief Eddie Gallagher finds his own personal hell is still continuing.

The Navy apparently doesn’t give a damn what President Trump thinks or believes, and is going to proceed with convening a Trident Review Board to decide whether Gallagher should be removed from the SEALs.

Despite the fact he is a 20-year veteran, and was awarded a Bronze Star with a 'V' for valor. Despite the fact he was acquitted of all serious charges after the sham case against him collapsed in court. Despite the fact his sole crime of posing with a dead terrorist is something at least 10 of his fellow platoon members did AT THE SAME TIME without any punishment.

But none of this matters to some folks in the Navy who don’t like Eddie Gallagher — but despise Donald Trump even more.


Gallagher’s lawyer, Timothy Parlatore, told Reuters the move to take away Gallagher’s Trident pin designating him as a SEAL was being driven by Naval Special Warfare Commander Rear Admiral Collin Green.

Reuters reports Parlatore filed an inspector general’s complaint accusing Green of defying the commander in chief in an act of insubordination, for which Parlatore said the admiral himself could be court-martialed.

“He’s making some suicidal power play against the president,” Parlatore said of Green. “He has to know this is the death knell for his career. He’s chosen this hill to die on.”

In a meeting with his staff on Monday, Green “made clear his contempt of the president and disagreement with the president’s decision” and “declared he intended to remove ... Gallagher’s trident anyway,” according to the 16-page complaint, which was posted online by the Navy Times.

“It is incomprehensible to understand how, given the commander in chief’s clear guidance” that Green “thinks it is appropriate to countermand this and increase the punishment,” the complaint said. “Moreover, no flag officer should ever be speaking contemptuously of the commander in chief in front of his subordinates.”

Along with Green, the complaint also names ex-Naval Special Warfare Group 1 commodore Capt. Matthew D. Rosenbloom, who allegedly “used his authority to attempt to influence the outcome of this case by intentionally hampering SOC Gallagher’s ability to assist in his own defense, to include tainting witnesses and threatening SOC Gallagher’s supporters.”

Although a military jury acquitted Gallagher, Green “seems unable to respect the constitutional principles that they have sworn to uphold in their vendetta against SOC Gallagher,” the IG complaint alleged.

“It seems like the obvious question here is, ‘Why?’ Why is (Naval Special Warfare) obsessed with punishing SOC Gallagher even though he has already suffered unjust punishment? Why is NSW seeking retribution against SOC Gallagher when it should be looking inward at its own organization? The answer is simple: It is easier to cast out SOC Gallagher and blame POTUS for his intervention than it is to correct an internal leadership problem.”


Gallagher told us recently he believed he had been personally prosecuted because some of the guys in his platoon didn’t like his mission-focused, no “bullshit” style.

President Trump is going through the exact same thing, on every front, and it’s ruffling a lot of feathers, to put it mildly. The haters will stop at nothing to remove Trump from office.

And apparently, they will do the same to demean, demote and destroy SOC Edward Gallagher.

Gallagher’s wife Andrea reminds us that this problem is bigger than her husband Eddie or President Trump. It is a problem for all humanity, as she quotes Martin Luther King Jr:

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere. We are caught in an inescapable network of mutuality, tied in a single garment of destiny. Whatever affects one directly, affects all indirectly.”


It's not clear when or even whether the tide will turn in this nation. We can is pray — and vote — but we must never stay silent.




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  • WIlliam

    Hang tough Eddie!🇺🇸

  • Tanner

    I’m sorry chief Gallagher that you have to come home to such an ungrateful nation after giving so much to it. Stay safe

  • Rory HATCH

    People need to realize all of their freedom is on the line, Eddie has suffered enough but Political bias is every where. The DoD needs to clean house, but not like Barrack Husien Oboma.

  • arthur felice

    Then what Green is doing is unbecoming of an officer from the littlest to the top you do not talk bad about a sitting president it is in the UCMJ he could be charged how can you ask your men and woman to follow a REG. if you cant follow one your self.

  • Allen Fishburn

    Eddie l am and my family are behind you all the way all the very best to you and your family

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