Never mind mask requirements, here are 17 crazy laws in the U.S.

Never mind mask requirements, here are 17 crazy laws in the U.S. - Nine Line Apparel

Lots of people resent the fact that they’re being required by state mandate to wear masks, or prohibited from having parties on the beach or big family picnics.

But if you want to talk about government overreach, here are 17 crazy laws on the books in the United States right now.

1. Alabama: it’s illegal to drive blindfolded. Gee, really?
2. Alaska: You can’t put your dog in the back of an open vehicle unless its tail wags 46 inches or higher. Hmm. Is that “dogist?”
3. Arizona: It’s illegal for your donkey to sleep in a bathtub. But presumably, you can still put your own ass in one.
4. Colorado: It's illegal to keep a couch on your porch. Apparently, this was in response to couches being set alight on the University of Colorado campus. And this was BEFORE marijuana was legal.
5. Connecticut: Pickles must be able to bounce. In 1948, two men were arrested for selling pickles that were "unfit for human consumption." They were limp and awful. During the investigation, officials declared a pickle is legitimate only if it bounces. Okaaaay.
6. Florida: Parking fees for elephants, horses and camels must be paid. This law dates back to the 1920s when the Ringling Bros. Circus moved its winter show operations to Florida. Which reminds us of a dad joke. If in elephant didn’t have a trunk, where would it put the groceries?
7. Georgia: It’s illegal to live on a boat for longer than 30 days. So much for working remotely…
8. Indiana: You cannot ride a horse above 10 miles per hour on the street. No restrictions on riding a cowboy apparently.
9. Louisiana: It’s illegal to send someone a pizza unprompted. Which is sad really, because who doesn’t love a surprise pizza?
10. Maryland: In Baltimore, sleeveless shirts are banned in public parks. Yeah, we can’t see that one being enforced.
11. Minnesota: Dirty tires are considered a public nuisance if they deposit mud, dirt, or other substances on a street or highway. So you better rinse after off-roading.
12. Mississippi: Nutrition labels can’t be enforced. The “Anti-Bloomberg Bill” passed in 2013 also bans communities from requiring restaurants to limit portion sizes. - In a related story, Mississippi was ranked as the number two most obese state in the country (sandwiched between West Virginia and Oklahoma).
    13. Missouri: Bear wrestling is prohibited. Bare wrestling is something else entirely.
    14. New Jersey: It’s illegal to wear a bullet-proof vest while committing a crime. Good to know.
    15. New Mexico: “Idiots” are banned from voting. IF ONLY. The law specifies "idiots" as well as "insane persons convicted of a felonious or infamous crime."
    16. Oregon: Hunting in cemeteries is prohibited. RIP, dammit.
    17. Tennessee: It’s illegal to share your Netflix password. Oops! This law was directed at hackers who sell log-in credentials in bulk. Buuuut, it also includes other individuals (cough, your friends, cough) who share passwords and don't live under the same roof.

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