Nine Line Apparel Rallies to Support Victims of Hurricane Florence

Nine Line Apparel Rallies to Support Victims of Hurricane Florence - Nine Line Apparel



Founded on the principles of being a give-back organization, veteran owned Nine Line Apparel is a lifestyle brand aimed at uniting our military, first responders, and patriotic Americans. Time and again, Nine Line has stepped up to the plate to show their support to those in need, from veteran nonprofit support, to our nation’s first responders, to disaster relief. Now, Nine Line is honored to provide support to the Carolinas, as they undoubtedly face months or even years of recovery from Hurricane Florence. They have launched a campaign to provide aid to those affected by the storm.

Their limited time design, “Carolina Strong,” exemplifies the pure, raw patriotism and Southern pride that we all know and love. 100% of proceeds from the sale of this design were donated to the American Red Cross’s fundraising campaign to support the victims of the storm. On October 9th, Nine Line was able to present a check for $12,550 to the local chapter of the Red Cross. 

In addition to the fundraiser design, Nine Line also partnered with Thompson & Thompson, to collect items to be delivered to those in need. On the same day that the check was presented and the supplies transported, the employees of Nine Line also participated in an internal blood drive that produced 20 pints of blood. Nine Line is planning another blood drive at their facility on November 9th, to help replace the 4,000 pints lost in the hurricane’s devastation. This will be Nine Line’s third RED Friday Blood Drive of the year, and all donors will receive a free red t-shirt. Anyone interested in donating blood at this drive can register here:

Nine Line is proud to be able to help those affected by this devastating storm, and they hope that these contributions will offer some solace to those who have lost so much.

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