Not a joke: Kaepernick and Nike set to release shoe designed for kneeling

Not a joke: Kaepernick and Nike set to release shoe designed for kneeling

How’s this for some holiday cheer?

It’s too late for Christmas, but you might be able to brighten someone’s New Year with a “joyous” pair of Colin Kaepernick x Nike Air Force 1 Low sneakers commemorating the very first day Kaep took a knee on the football field. Riiiight.

Per, "This special edition Nike Air Force 1 comes dressed in a Black and White color scheme. It features a Black leather upper, a gradient-faded Swoosh on the sides completed with several personal details. A hangtag with Kaep’s number 7 atop a White midsole and icy translucent outsole with the date Colin first took a knee in protest “8/14/16” on the right shoe finishes the design."

That’s the SOLE of the right shoe, so when you bend your right knee in protest, the fateful date is visible. Of course, you don’t have to be on your knees in protest to reveal the sole. Anything one does on one’s knees will work.

The “personal details” include little caricatures of Kaepernick’s head on the heels of the shoe.

That happens to be the same spot where Nike originally put the Betsy Ross flag on shoes – which the company later pulled off the shelves after Colin complained it was RACIST. A pair of those shoes is going for $2,849 on eBay as of this writing.

Colin’s new kneelers are going to be priced at $110 apparently and released December 28th.

It’s an odd time frankly to be releasing this shoe. Apparently Kaepernick first debuted the shoe at his showcase workout in Atlanta which resulted in him getting exactly zero interest from any NFL teams. You might recall Kaepernick set up his own workout at the last minute after he couldn’t agree with “media terms” with the NFL, who initially organized the showcase. Maybe the NFL didn’t want to be a shill for Kaepernick’s kneeling shoes.

Isn’t it amazing the mileage money he and Nike are wringing out of his shenanigans? It all started during a pre-season opener in the summer of 2016 when Kaep was playing for the San Francisco 49ers. He had a shoulder injury and wasn’t playing in that game anyway, but he remained seated during the national anthem.

By the third week of his protests, Kaepernick had garnered national attention. So much so that during the annual “salute to the military” preseason game against the San Diego Chargers, he was reportedly booed before every snap of his 16 plays.

He finished out the 2016 season, and hasn’t snapped a ball for an NFL team since. Oh well. Actions do indeed have consequences.

Here at Nine Line, we take a strong stand on standing. And you can still get holiday deals on our famous “Just Stand” t-shirts.


Be sure to get yours so you’ll be suitably attired when those kneelers hit the stores.




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