PayPal “deplatforms” Marine who criticized senior leaders for Afghanistan failures

PayPal “deplatforms” Marine who criticized senior leaders for Afghanistan failures - Nine Line Apparel

Hours after a blast in Kabul on August 27th killed 13 U.S. troops, Marine Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller posted a video on his personal Facebook page calling out top military leadership for the Afghanistan debacle.

Just hours after that, PayPal deplatformed Scheller, according to Gallagher.

“Just hours after launching our campaign for LtCol Scheller he has been deplatformed by @paypal,” Gallagher said in his Facebook post. “Big Tech has been doing this for years to silence, crush, and intimidate individuals and their families and destroy their livelihoods.”

Gallagher posted a screenshot of the noticed received from PayPal, which said, “After a review, we decided to permanently limit your account as we found potential risk associated with it. As a result, we can no longer offer PayPal services to you.”

As of now, Scheller still has his Facebook account… as of now.

On September 16th, Scheller wrote in a post that he intends to file charges against CENTCOM boss Gen. Frank McKenzie  for 13 counts of Dereliction of Duty through Culpable Inefficiency related to the deaths of the Marines killed in the Kabul blast.

That same day Scheller also posted another video explaining his stand, and an additional message:

One Nation. Under God. Indivisible. With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all.

Social media is the last place of unvarnished truth. To all the trolls trying to divide us… we are smarter than you realize. The founding fathers wanted a market place of ideas. They assumed we would be smart enough to think through all the noise. We believe, the very place where you try to divide us, will be the place we unite.

To all the Marines and military members who have been threatened to not like or share my content… I only ask that you do what you believe to be in the best interest of your nation, family, and personal situation. We can’t all be wrong.

We shall see...



  • Donald

    Thank you for your patriotism and courage.
    May God the Father, His precious Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit’s blessing be with you and your family.
    One nation, under God.

  • Patty Smith

    Thank you for your service 🇺🇸 and for being strong enough to stand against ‘THE POWERS THAT BE’. The devil may be winning some battles, but God will win the war! 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

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