That’s gotta sting: Kaepernick gets passed over by last-place Detroit Lions

That’s gotta sting: Kaepernick gets passed over by last-place Detroit Lions - Nine Line Apparel

While the nation was settling down to enjoy its Thanksgiving meal this past weekend, it probably wasn’t particularly cheery at the Kaepernick household.

Colin Kaepernick has been off the field since 2016, and it doesn’t look like he’ll be returning any time soon – at least not with the Detroit Lions.

Over the Thanksgiving weekend, the team tweeted: #Lions have signed QB Kyle Sloter to the active roster from the Arizona Cardinals practice squad and placed QB Jeff Driskel on Reserve/Injured. In addition, the Lions signed QB Joe Callahan to the practice squad.”

Ouch. Bear in mind the Lions are up to ELEVEN quarterbacks this season, but apparently, they’re not desperate enough to sign Kaepernick.

There was a glimmer of hope for Kaep, as the Lions were one of eight teams who were present at his recent workout in Atlanta. Per Deadline, "with the NFC East cellar dweller seeking a new quarterback following injuries to starter Matthew Stafford and backup Jeff Driskel, Detroit appeared to be the best bet for the controversial Kaepernick’s new home."

But no.


Of course, opinions are polarized as to why the Lions forced Kaepernick to celebrate Passover rather than Thanksgiving.

The football strategists say younger players make more sense for the Lions. They’re unlikely to get a playoff spot, so they’re better off developing someone from the ground up.

Sloter played for the Denver Broncos, and the Minnesota Vikings – a division rival for the Lions and their opponents next week. Maybe they felt Sloter could give them some insider knowledge.

But Kaepernick supporters think this is once again a symptom of the NFL’s vendetta against him after his outspoken protests on the field.

Michigan state senator Curtis Hertel, a democrat from Detroit, tweeted: “You might not like Colin Kaepernick, but it's impossible to say he doesn't belong in the league when David Blough is the starting for the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.”

Yeah, no doubt David Blough appreciates that support.

But other fans feel Kaepernick brought all of this onto himself.

From his very first disrespectful kneel down during the #NationalAnthem to the last minute change of his workout in Atlanta @Kaepernick7 #ColinKaepernick has done this all to himself!

Of course, we at Nine Line tend to agree with that last guy. Everyone is entitled to their opinions and their free speech.

But talking trash about the nation, and refusing to stand for our flag do not make you a hero in our eyes. Nike may choose a "man child" like Kaepernick to represent their brand (as Nine Line CEO Tyler Merritt describes him), but we never will.

We choose our brand ambassadors from the warrior class. We proudly support those who wear the cloth of our nation and would willingly lay down their lives in service to their fellow Americans. Warfighters, police officers and first responders — these are the men and women who earn our respect, and for whom we will always stand.




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  • Ethan

    Proud Michigander, long times lion fan who is disappointed in the teams play, but them not signing the “man child” to the roster makes up for the disappointing season. Proud to be a lions fan and huge supporter of nine line and all the people serving this great nation.

  • MIchele STella

    I may kneel to my lord in prayer

    But never to disrespect my flag or to the greatest nation in the world

    Thank You for standing (pun intended) for all that is right

    Go #usa 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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